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The list of our partners continues to grow. Here are just few of them:

Borneo Nature Foundation, UK and Indonesia - Borneo Nature Foundation is a not-for-profit conservation and research organisation. We work to protect some of the most important areas of tropical rainforest and to safeguard the wildlife, environment and indigenous culture on Borneo. 

Sumatran Orangutan Society, UK -SOS exists to protect Sumatran orangutans, their forests and their future. Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered and without urgent action could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct. SOS is dedicated to turning this situation around. 

Orangutan Information Centre, Sumatra - Orangutan Information Centre (YOSL-OIC) is dedicated to the conservation of the endemic, critically endangered Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) and their forest homes.