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Research fees explained

For fee purposes, students are classified as either home/EU or international. For details of the criteria used for establishing fee status, visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs website. If you are unsure whether you are classified as home/EU or international, please contact the Admissions Office on +44 (0)1895 265265.

For international students, subject areas are classified as either low band (generally classroom-based), middle band or high band (generally requiring higher cost resources or equipment). Each band has a different fee.

Students pay a fee for each year of registration up until their expected submission date of 36 months (3 years) for full-time students and 72 months (6 years) for part-time students.  The expected submission date on the Brunel Integrated PhD programme is 48 months (4 years). 

  • Full-time – fee normally applies for one year for an MPhil or for each of three years for a PhD.
  • Part-time – fee normally applies for each of two years for an MPhil or up to six years for a PhD.
  • Brunel Integrated PhD – fee applies for each of four years.

All fees are subject to normal annual incremental increases, which will not be more than 5% or RPI, whichever is the higher. In the event that students do not submit their thesis by the expected submission date, a reduced fee (currently £200) is charged for the period in which they are writing up their thesis, up until their maximum period of registration is reached.

Please see Student Financial Policy for further information.