Name and Title Phone Email Office
Professor Thomas Betteridge
Dean of College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
01895 267089 Email Professor Thomas Betteridge Gaskell Building 146
Professor Johannes Birringer
Chair in Drama & Performance Technologies; Research lead for Theatre
+44 (0)1895 267343 Email Professor Johannes Birringer Gaskell Building 105
Professor Sue Broadhurst
Director of Research; Professor of Performance and Technology
01895 266588 Email Professor Sue Broadhurst Gaskell Building 104
Dr Broderick Chow
Senior Lecturer in Theatre
01895 265493 Email Dr Broderick Chow Gaskell Building 111
Dr Jessica Cox
Lecturer in English
01895 266402 Email Dr Jessica Cox Gaskell Building 126
Dr John Croft
Reader in Music
01895 266583 Email Dr John Croft Gaskell Building 030
Dr Mariz Dima
Lecturer in Games Design
+44 (0) 1895 267313 Email Dr Mariz Dima Gaskell Guilding, Room 175
Meretta Elliott
Head of Arts and Humanities
01895 266567 Email  Meretta Elliott Gaskell Building 102
Professor Bernardine Evaristo
Professor of Creative Writing
01895 267240 Email Professor Bernardine Evaristo Gaskell Building 132
Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon
Senior Lecturer in English
01895 267506 Email Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon Gaskell Building 128
Dr Carl Faia
Convenor for Sonic Arts
01895 265501 Email Dr Carl Faia Gaskell Building 021
Professor Christopher Fox
Divisional Lead, Music and Theatre
01895 267256 Email Professor Christopher Fox Gaskell Building 023
Dr Katja Frimberger
Lecturer in Theatre
+44 (0) 1895 268710 Email Dr Katja Frimberger GASK 110
Mr David Fulton
Lecturer in Creative Writing
01895 266552 Email Mr David Fulton GB 122
Mr Frank Griffith
Lecturer in Music
01895 266572 Email Mr Frank Griffith Gaskell Building 028
Dr Nick Hubble
Reader in English; Co-Director, Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing
01895 266245 Email Dr Nick Hubble Gaskell Building 123
Mr Max Kinnings
Creative Writing Subject Leader
01895 267506 Email Mr Max Kinnings Gaskell Building 140
Dr Wendy Knepper
Senior Lecturer in English
01895 267816 Email Dr Wendy Knepper Gaskell Building 135
Professor James Knowles
Vice-Dean Research and Professor of Renaissance Literature and Culture
01895 267332 Email Professor James Knowles Gaskell Building 141
Mr Frazer Lee
Lecturer in Creative Writing
+44 (0)1895 266578 Email Mr Frazer Lee Gaskell Building GASK130
Dr Claire Lynch
Senior Lecturer in English
01895 266475 Email Dr Claire Lynch Gaskell Building 134
Dr Holly Maples
Lecturer in Theatre
01895 266580 Email Dr Holly Maples Gaskell Building 114
Dr Royona Mitra
Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Admissions Tutor
01895 266821 Email Dr Royona Mitra Gaskell Building 112
Ian Morgan
Teaching Fellow in Theatre
01895 266541 Email  Ian Morgan GB103
Dr Jago Morrison
Senior Lecturer in English; Senior Tutor
01895 265827 Email Dr Jago Morrison Gaskell Building 129
Mr Daljit Nagra
Senior Lecturer
01895 268711 Email Mr Daljit Nagra GASK135
Dr Katerina Paramana
Lecturer in Theatre
01895268900 Email Dr Katerina Paramana Gaskell Building 109
Sarah Penny
Lecturer in Creative Writing
01895 266581 Email  Sarah Penny Gaskell Building 131
Dr Grant Peterson
Lecturer in Theatre
44 (0) 1895 265543 Email Dr Grant Peterson Gaskell Building 109
Dr Mary Richards
Vice-Dean for Education; Senior Lecturer in Theatre
01895 266570 Email Dr Mary Richards Gaskell Building 110
Dr Colin Riley
Senior Lecturer in Music
01895 266582 Email Dr Colin Riley GASK 026
Professor Will Self
Professor of Contemporary Thought
Email Professor Will Self Gaskell Building 139
Professor William Spurlin
Professor of English; Director of Teaching & Learning
01895 266234 Email Professor William Spurlin Gaskell Building 142
Fiona Templeton
Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Convenor of MA in Contemporary Performance Making
01895 266571 Email  Fiona Templeton Gaskell Building 113
Professor Philip Tew
Professor of English (Post-1900 Literature); Director Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing; Director Hillingdon Literary Festival; Convenor MA in English Literature
+44 (0)1895 267257 Email Professor Philip Tew GB138
Matt Thorne
Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
01895 265839 Email  Matt Thorne Gaskell Building 133
Dr Jennifer Walshe
Chair in Music; Research lead for Music
+44 (0)1895 267868 Email Dr Jennifer Walshe Gaskell Building 022
Professor William Watkin
Divisional Lead, Creative Writing and English
01895 266560 Email Professor William Watkin Gaskell Building 119
Professor Peter Wiegold
Convenor for Postgraduate Studies (Research) and Head of Staff Research
+44 (0)1895 266585 Email Professor Peter Wiegold Gaskell Building 027
Professor Benjamin Zephaniah
Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing
Email Professor Benjamin Zephaniah Gaskell Building 137

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