Research group

AMEE research group a leading, world class research group in advanced manufacturing technology, enterprise engineering and engineering management, this is truly a place where cutting edge research brings the frontiers of science and technology to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Our members ensure that we can provide an excellent experience in a friendly and supportive environment


The department is equiped with cutting edge laboratories in their research. These include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) Laboratory
  • Enterprise Engineering & Systems Laboratory
  • CAD/CAM Laboratory

PhD student Jurriath (Angela) Azmathi Mumith

"So being a PhD student and being a part of the school of engineering and design gives you a lot of opportunities. One example is that we are bombarded with the amount of courses and training that we’re exposed to and this is to help us to carry out our PhD and to complete our PhD. It can vary from general transferable skills to training in specific software. Another thing I really love about being a PhD student and what I think is one of the greatest aspects of it is that we get the opportunity to present our research at international forums and conferences and this gives us an opportunity to mingle with the experts in our field and be a part of the international academic community. The school of engineering and design provides us and gives us every opportunity with financial assistance to enable us to go to these amazing events, though I have to admit this is something that I am really looking forward to doing, going to my first international conference".

Page last updated: Tuesday 13 August 2013