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MachineAMEE research group is a leading, world class research group in advanced manufacturing technology, enterprise engineering and engineering management, this is truly a place where cutting edge research brings the frontiers of science and technology to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Our members ensure that we can provide an excellent experience in a friendly and supportive environment.

International Conference on Manufacturing Research, Brunel University, 2008

AMEE organised the 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR2008), incorporating the 24th National Conference on Manufacturing Research, at Brunel on 9-11 September 2008. The details of the conference are available at the conference website.

The conference included sessions on the following themes:

  • Micro/nano manufacturing
  • Extended manufacturing supply chains and systems
  • Design of bench-top/desk precision machines and microfactory
  • Advanced manufacturing using lasers
  • Wireless manufacturing


  1. Micro/Nano Manufacturing
  2. Bench-top Ultraprecision Machines
  3. Enterprise Engineering
  4. e-Manufacturing
  5. Digital Enterprise Technology
  6. Agile Manufacturing
  7. Condition Monitoring & Control
  8. Supply Chains Management
  9. Managing Technology Innovation
  10. Systems Modelling and Simulation
  11. Nano Positioning and Manipulation
  12. Nano/Micro Metrology


Research Leaders

  • AU, Dr. Y.H. (JOE), Lecturer
  • CHENG, Prof KAI, Professor
  • DE COSTER, Dr REBECCA, Lecturer
  • GRANT, Dr SUSAN, Lecturer
  • IVANOV, Dr ATANAS, Lecturer
  • MOUSAVI, Dr ALI, Senior Lecturer
  • YANG, Dr. QING-PING, Lecturer

Research Assistants and Research Fellows

  • Dr Qingshun Bai
  • Dr Carlo Ferri
  • Dr Timothy Minton
  • Dr Leonid Paramonov
  • Dr Chao Wang

Research Students

Student Academic Staff
Ali Abdullrahim Rebecca DeCoster
Behnood Afsharizand Kai Cheng
Monday Agi QingPing Yang
Saad Albennah QingPing Yang
Abdulrhman Albesher Rebecca DeCoster
Mohammed Algethmi Rebecca DeCoster
Adel Alharti QingPing Yang
Nouf Alnassar Susan Grant
Mohammed Al-Reeshi QingPing Yang
Rajab Alsayegh Harris Makatsoris
Hattan Alsharif Susan Grant
Faisal Basahl Susan Grant
Saiful Bin Che Ghani Kai Cheng
Wenlong Chen QingPing Yang
Xun Chen Kai Cheng
Ming-Yi Cheng Joe Au
Bilal Chuddher Harris Makatsoris
Morad Danishvar (ECE/AMEE) Ali Mousavi
Bhavin Engineer Joe Au
Soheil Hassanzadeh Kai Cheng
Ehsan Hosseini (AMEE/ECE) Ali Mousavi
Mitchell Howard Kai Cheng
Twana Husain Jaff Atanas Ivanov
Pooneh Irani Susan Grant
Nikolai Issakov Harris Makatsoris
Supapron Jaturunruangsri QingPing Yang
Jiangshan Jiang Rebecca DeCoster
FeiFei Jiao Kai Cheng
Rebecca Leese Atanas Ivanov
David Lopez Ujaque Atanas Ivanov
Jurriath-Azmathi Mumith Harris Makatsoris
Abdolreza Naji Rayeni Pour Kai Cheng
Fahimeh Nejadi Kai Cheng
Adel Nouara Rebecca DeCoster
Jeffery Raymont Kai Cheng
Arthur Rimberia Joe Au
Hugo Rodrigues Marques Joe Au
Abdalhamid Shaik QingPing Yang
Panadda Salacheep QingPing Yang
Worapong Sawangsri Kai Cheng
Atefeh Sayad Saravi Rebecca DeCoster
Samira Sayad Saravi Kai Cheng
Norhisham Seyajah Kai Cheng
Yolanda Silvera Rebecca DeCoster
Alexandre Spieser Atanas Ivanov
Panagiotis Tsimiklis Harris Makatsoris
Chen Wang QingPing Yang
Huanhuan Wang QingPing Yang
Tao Wu Kai Cheng
Mohammed Zakri Susan Grant



Prof Kai Cheng

Postal Address

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School of Engineering and Design
Brunel University
Uxbridge Middlesex
UB8 3PH, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0)1895 267 255
Fax. +44 (0)1895 269 861

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