We believe that good design is the combination
of commercial awareness and creative and
inspirational thought validated by sound
technological reasoning, defined through the
design process. We produce communicators
who are at ease working with members of
engineering, design and marketing teams and
appreciating their individual needs, and capable
of contributing to the total design process.

Design at Brunel University has evolved to meet the needs of industry worldwide, by teaching highly motivated students, through in-depth professional studies, to become imaginative yet practical professional designers.

Study Design at Brunel

Brunel’s Design degrees are some of the most renowned and respected in Europe and our students and graduates have won many national and international design awards. All our Honours and Master’s programmes build on a broad base of knowledge, skills and industrial experience. We view the realisation of every aspect of a concept as vital to successful design.

To enable this, we have an extensive cross-disciplinary lecturing team, including mechanical and electrical engineers, computer and materials scientists, mathematicians, psychologists, and practising designers and graphic artists. It is this cross-disciplinary nature that gives our students the knowledge and expertise they require, and distinguishes us from virtually every other Design and Engineering department in the UK.

All our lecturing staff are research or professionally active – sometimes both – which ensures that the content of our programmes is constantly up-to-date and evolving with the commercial worlds of both design and engineering.

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