Simon Ramm

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Supervisor: Prof Joseph Giacomin

Research project title: Naturalness framework for person-automobile dialogue

Research area: Human centred design, interaction design, car design

Overview of research:

The car plays a central role in the lifestyle for many in developed and developing nations alike. While giving freedom, status and privacy on the move, it also subtly creates dependence and brings with it huge responsibility and skill demands. Yet little thought has been given to the deeper non-instrumental role the car plays in people’s lives and the metaphors and meanings it holds – and how these inform the way we should communicate with it. All this needs to be understood urgently: firstly because mobile communications advances are blurring the boundaries between car and computer (and adding to visual-spatial task demands), and secondly because emergent communication, safety and driver automation technologies are now coming onto the market with little consideration of how they should best be controlled – or indeed if the driver should even control them. What is the most naturalistic way for drivers to control the multiple features of the car of the future? Where should the information boundaries lie? The project will take a qualitative human centred approach to find out what drivers really feel as well as testing a selection of person-automobile communication scenarios.

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