Azad Noor

Azad NoorEmail: 

Office: Room TD303 Tower D

Phone: +44(0)1895 267083

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Wamadeva Balachandran (Bala) 

Research Area: Fingerprint Biometrics 

Sponsoring Organization: School of Engineering & Design, Brunel University, UK 

Academic Qualification:

  • BSc (Honours) in Applied Physics & Electronics, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh
  • MSc in Applied Physics & Electronics, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh
  • MPhil (by Research), School of Electronics & Computing Engineering, Brunel University, UK
  • PGCE (DTLLS), Greenwich University, UK

Research Interests: Image Processing, Fingerprint Biometrics, Computer Vision and Microcontrollers

PhD Research:

The most recognisable features (minutia points) on a fingerprint image are ridge ending and bifurcations that are used to build a template using their corresponding position and orientation with reference to the singularity point (SP). A new technique can be devised to build a template vector where each minutiae point will be identified by a three element vector such as the Euclidian Distance between the minutiae point and the SP, the orientation of the minutiae point with reference to the orientation of SP and the type of the minutiae point.    

The template structure will be invariant to the global rotation and translation due to the consistency of its formation. The main challenge will be locate the SP with a certain precision as the accuracy of the formation of the template vector is heavily dependent on the location and orientation of SP.    

Azad Noor Research

Azad Noor Research

Journal Publications:

  • A Noor, Dr Michael Berwick, “ Performance analysis of Hiperlan/2 in QAM mode with punctured and non-punctured convolutional coding” "Performance analysis of HIPERLAN/2 in QAM mode with punctured and non-punctured convolutional coding," Electronics Letters , vol.41, no.7, pp. 424- 425, 31 March 2005
  • A Noor, S M A Motakabber; “Microprocessor Controlled Automobile Ignition System”, Journal of Applied Science & Technology, June 2001, Volume2 (No. 1), Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh.

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