Dr. Paul Kyberd continues to run the annual Goldsmiths Particle Physics Summer School very successfully. This five day residential course, funded by the Goldsmiths Company, for 25 A-Level Physics Teachers includes a day trip to CERN, and has been very oversubscribed in each year it has run. UK particle physicists with a gift for communication are invited to give introductory talks - last years programme included talks by David Smith, Dawn Leslie, Akram Khan and Malcolm Ellis, with Peter Hobson also contributing previously.

Professor Peter Hobson gave his inaugural lecture in February 2007, which was very well attended and has since been made available to the public via the web-based Brunel University Research Archive (BURA). This platform also provides a full-text archive of papers to which members of the group have contributed. In addition, Hobson has recently given two poster presentations, concerning various aspects of the work conducted by the group, to industry and Government Policy makers at STFC Kite Club events.

Dr Dawn Leslie has been invited to a series of events: Think About Physics took place at Bristol University in 2007 closely followed by her being invited to participate in Physics Forward, organised and sponsored by the Institute of Physics. A similar event took place in 2008, and both Leslie and Reid were invited to take part in the Gloucestershire event, sponsored by Schlumberger. In October 2008, Dawn Leslie attended the 3rd IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics as a member of the UK delegation. This was covered in the local press, with a number of newspaper articles being published.

The Beldam Gallery at Brunel University was home to an exhibition called ‘Moving Forward’, which included exhibitions from the particle physics group, with Reid being on hand to explain and discuss the work of CMS and BaBar with visitors. 

In 2007, Peter Hobson and David Smith gave a lecture entitled ‘Big Science’ at a Brunel event, chaired by Professor Akram Khan, which was well attended by members of the University and the public. David Smith preceded this event by talking at Farnborough Air Show in 2006 about the use of CCD imaging detectors. The Science Museum in London has been home to an exhibition on the Large Hadron Collider since 2007. Paul Kyberd was part of the team consulted in the design of this installation. He was also involved with the LHC switch on event in London in September 2008, whilst Peter Hobson was on the STFC stand at the All Hands 2008 meeting in Edinburgh.

Dr Malcolm Ellis gave a lecture on particle physics and accelerators to a group of A Level physics students at a school in Abingdon. He is currently the outreach coordinator for the UK Neutrino Factory group, and will be organising outreach activities to do with Neutrino Factories in the coming year.
Dr Matthew Barrett has experience of visiting schools to demonstrate particle detectors as well as talking to potential undergraduates about Physics at university open days.

In 2006, Dr Nebrensky gave a talk on "Catch that Plankton: Underwater Holography" to the Royal Photographic Society's Holography Group.

In July 2008, Paul Kyberd and Ivan Reid assisted with the STFC display "Back to the Big Bang? at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN" at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition, London. This followed a lecture given by Reid to sixth-form students at Woodlawn College, Lismore NSW, Australia, which was covered by the local media.

Jo Cole is a member of the CMS Outreach Committee and has recently authored a feature-length article about CMS, published in Frontiers magazine. She has previously been invited to speak at both the International Conference of Physics Students and the NAGTY Summer School.

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