A common belief has evolved that new technologies should be centred on the user, improving the quality of life and adapting to the individual, without the need for the individual to be aware of technical details. Communications environments need to become smarter, more responsive, and more accommodating to the needs of the individual. Future technologies must provide context-aware services and simultaneously introduce new levels of personal safety. Personalisation and ubiquitous access to information and communications will be essential. Users will be able to create a personal profile that, according to the situation and moment, will allow them to access the most relevant information via the most suitable means of communication.

MAGNET Beyond is an Integrated Project (IP) supported within the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) of the EU Commission ( The project acronym stands for "My personal Adaptive Global NET and Beyond". Some of the main focus areas of MAGNET Beyond are user-centricity, personalization and personal networking.

MAGNET Beyond wants to improve the quality of life for the user, and introducing new technologies that are more adapted to the needs of the user will do this. We do research that makes environments smarter, more responsive, and more accommodating to the needs of the user, and this without jeopardizing privacy and security of the individual. MAGNET Beyond has a total cost of 16.3 million Euros.

The EU Commission has granted 10.3 million Euros, and the remaining 6.0 million Euros comes from partners. MAGNET Beyond has a duration of 30 months, and starts out January 1st 2006. The MAGNET Beyond consortium has 32 partners.

For more information about MAGNET Beyond, please see the MAGNET Beyond Project Website

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