Investigating the suitability of employing Carbon fibre Phenolics in automotive pistons

Student's name: Mr. Ugochukwu Unamka

First supervisor: Dr. Hamid Bahai

Second Supervisor: Dr Gulio Alfano

Project details: My research endeavour seeks to appraising or investigate the suitability of a Hybrid Piston for Internal Combustion Engines and its fatigue characteristics. The possible gains are described below.

A piston that operates at a lower coefficient of friction, since the composite has a much lower coefficient of friction compared to metallic ones because of their self-lubrication properties.

Phenolics the matrix of the fore named composite have good resistance to seizure. The latter would be most beneficial as regards engine knock, which is as a result insufficient lubrication.

Less weight and inertia consequently leading to greater efficiency, since employing the composite would result in less weight and less resistance to the normal reciprocatory motion.

A cheaper piston owing to the fact that materials cost as much as they weigh in most cases.

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