A reciprocal band-limited Green's function approach for modelling acoustic emission using the finite element method

Student's name: Mr. Ramez-Robert Naber

First supervisor: Dr. Hamid Bahai

Second Supervisor: Prof. Barry E. Jones

Funded by: National Physical Laboratories (NPL) and Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers

Project details: The aims of this PhD research were twofold. Firstly, develop and validate an efficient numerical approach for modelling AE in solids. Secondly, develop and test a supervised classification algorithm for the characterisation of AE sources for two-class, as well as multi-class problems.

This PhD research presented a complete theoretical approach for the development of quantitative AE source characterisation systems in SHM applications. These systems are likely to be much more reliable and accurate than the current systems, which are developed using empirical AE techniques. The ability to provide quantitative and reliable information about damage in materials using the AE technique could have a tremendous impact on industrial economies by minimising the risks of structural failure and reducing the costs of maintenance and time-based inspection practices.

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