Adapting a Turbomachinery Code to Model the Solid-fluid Interactions of Deep Sea Risers

Student's name: Mr. Simon Muyige

First supervisor: Dr. Hamid Bahai

Second Supervisor: Prof. Luiz Wrobel

Project details: The aim of this project is to model the solid-fluid interactions of risers using an existing code (CFSI3D). CFSI3D was developed to simulate forced response for the turbomachinery industry. The code is concerned with solving what are called Favre-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluids. The features of this code are designed and focus on the vibration analysis of Blade Discs. The blade problem is comparable to the riser problem. In both cases the aim is to understand how fluid flow affects the solid body. The difference is in the type of vibration being considered. Unlike with blades, the main concern for deep-sea riser problems is Vortex induced Vibration (VIV) and this is the type of vibration that this project is concentrating on.

Although the code was designed to deal with Air as the fluid, The Reynolds numbers and water current velocities of the riser problem are within the limits of the solver. A lot of work will be done in validating the code using scarcely available experimental data along with widely available theoretical work.

The configuration of risers in-situ requires the investigator to solve for non-linear variables and this is also an area where much work will have to be done in order to adapt the existing code to cope with the non-linear way in which the riser propagates in water.

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