Re-Plas Materials for Extended First Use and Re-use

(2007-2009, TSB)

Brunel leads the materials research in a 2 year project funded by TSB. In collaboration with ERT Ltd, the leading industrial partner and Bovis Lend Lease, Tesco, St Regis Paper Company Ltd, Philip Tyler Polymers and Pera, The project aims at developing innovative, sustainable products to be manufactured using the revolutionary Powder Impression Moulding (PIM) process. The products will be made from waste plastic sourced from the retail and construction sectors. The consortium has accepted a grant of £0.6M of public funding as part of the £1.2 million project.

The consortium will develop cross-sector recycling opportunities aimed at capturing valuable thermoplastics materials which would normally be sent to landfill. The project will focus on reusable plastic containers for use in retail logistics and further development of site hoarding systems. Using the PIM process the mixed plastic waste will be converted into commercially viable products.

Managed by Pera, an international technology-based consulting and training group, the project aims to capture up to 25,000 tonnes of waste material per annum. This will help British Industry achieve the 25% target for reuse of plastics under the packaging waste directive by 2010.

Examples of PIM panels (Left to right)

  1. Light-weight sandwich panels with foamed interior.
  2. Wall tiles with slate effect
  3. Composite beams with steel reinforcement

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