Recent PhD/EngD Research Student Completions

The School of Engineering & Design has a high completion rate for research students within Brunel University which is an indicative reflection on our commitment to research within the School.



Surname First Name Programme Title of Thesis
AL HUNEITI RASMEH Electrical Engineering and Electronics Research Towards a new framework for nursing education and training in developing countries
ALBESHER ABDULRHMAN Manufacturing and Enterprise Engineering Research A Study of the Synergies of Innovation Dynamic Capabilities and Information Technology
TAPOU MONAF Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) High efficiency smart voltage regulating module for green mobile computing
MOHIB HAMDULLAH Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) T End to End 3D Video Communication over Heterogeneous Networks
OLADIRAN OLAYINKA Civil Engineering Research A novel method for assessing restrained shrinkage cracking of concrete and other cement-based materials
LAWRENCE MARTIN Mechanical Engineering Research Temperature Measurements in Jets using Laser Induced Phosphorescence and Soot Measurements in Flames using Laser Induced Incandescence
BAI YANG Mechanical Engineering Research Studies on SI engine simulation and air/fuel ratio control systems design
AHN SUNGHEE Design Research Participation-based public art and design project model for culture-led urban regeneration
PARMAR MINAZ RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) MAC-REALM: A video content feature extraction and modelling framework
FARROU IFIGENIA Mechanical Engineering Research Investigation of energy performance and climate change adaptation strategies of hotels in Greece
KHAKI KAZIMALI RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Weightless Neural Networks for Face and Pattern Recognition: An Evaluation using Open-Source Databases
ZHAO YU RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) High Performance Mote Carlo Computation for Finance Risk Data Analysis
THEISSLER ANDREAS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) Detecting Anomalies in Multivariate Time Series from Automotive System
WEI WENQIAN RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil Multithreading for High Performance Finance Risk Analysis
LIU ZELONG RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) High Performance Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Text Mining


Surname First Name Programme Title of Thesis
NAWAZ MUHAMMAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Foreground detection of video through the integration of novel multiple detection algorithms.
MEHANNA AMAL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) 2D-3D image and video compression technique
HARGREAVES NIGEL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Novel Processes for Smart Grid Information Exchange and Knowledge Representation using the IEC Common
ALIKHANZADEH AMIR RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Oligopolistic and Oligopsonistic Bilateral Electricity Market Modelling Using Hierarchical Conjectural Variation
AL-MOMIN MOHAMMED RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) QoS-Aware Content Oriented Flow Routing in Optical Computer Network
ALEKNAVICIUTE IRMA RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Plasma Assisted Decomposition of Methane and Propane and Cracking of Liquid Hexadecane
ALRISHI MOHAMMED RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Metrology and Calibration Optimisation
PHILIPPE BENNANI KAMANE RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Finite element modelling of screw fixation in augmented and non-augmented cancellous bone
BIN CHE GHANI SAIFUL RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Design and analysis of internally cooled smart cutting tool with applications to adaptive machining
DAYLAMANI ZAD DAMON RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) MC2: MPEG-7 content modelling communities
GOWREESUNKER BABOO RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Phase Change Thermal Energy Storage for the Thermal Control of Large Thermally Lightweight Indoor Spaces
LOCKTON DANIEL RES Design (PhD) Design with Intent: A design pattern toolkit for environmental and social behaviour change
MCGINLEY CHRISTOPHER RES Design (PhD) Supporting people-centred design through information and empathy
SHARIF MHD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Artificial Intelligence System for Oncological Volumetric Medical PET Analysis
XU CHAO RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Electro-spinning of Poly (ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) (EVOH) Nanofibres for Medical Applications and its Mechanical Properties
SKOUNAKIS EMMANOUIL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Development of advanced 3D medical analysis tools for clinical training, diagnosis and treatment
MUHAMMAD SANUSI RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Scalable and Network Aware Video Coding for Advanced Communication over Heterogeneous Networks
CARUANA GODWIN RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) MapReduce based Ontology Enhanced Parallel Algorithms for Large Scale Spam Filter
MARTIN WILLIAM RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Measurement of the single top tW associated production cross section at 7 TeV with 4.9 fb-1 of data in the di-lepton decay channel at the LHC using the CMS detector
MASRUB ABDULLAH RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Cognitive MAC Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
THOMAS THOMAS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Optically Transparent UWB Antenna for Wireless Application and Energy Harvesting
PAWI ALIPAH RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Modeling and Extraction of Fundamental Frequency in Speech Signals
HAMAD SOFIAN RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Efficient Route Discovery for Reactive Routing Protocols in Wireless Mobile Networks
HAIG ALEXANDER RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) The Use of Macro Fiber Composite Transducers for Ultrasonic Guided Wave Based Inspection
SKORDOULIS DIONYSIOS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Design and Optimisation of QoS-based Medium Access Control Protocols for Next Generation WLANs
SULTAN SAAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Critical Factors Facing the Implementation of Total Power Quality Programme Framework in Developing
GHARIB ISLAM RES Design (PhD) Integration of Sketch-based Ideation and 3D Modelling with CAD Systems
VLACHOS DIMITRIOS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Novel Joint Blind Channel & Carrier Offset Estimation & Kernel Based Equalisation for Downlink CDMA Systems
ALHAIFI KHALED RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Numerical and experiment studies of a nonlinear vibration system
ZHAO LEI RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Novel Bio-Composites Based on Whole Utilisation of Wheat Straw
SALIH NIHAD RES Civil Engineering (PhD) Stability of Dams Constructed on Problematic Substrates
ANBARI ATTAR MOHAMMADREZA RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Development and Optimisation of Two-Line PLIF for Combustion Measurements
COATES BARNABY RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Investigation of engine design parameters on the efficiency and performance of the high specific power downsized SI Engine
NICKPOUR FARNAZ RES Design (PhD) Information Behaviour in Design
PAPADOPOULOU THEOPISTI RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Application of lean scheduling and production control in non-repetitive manufacturing systems using intelligent agent decision support
JIANG JIANGSHAN RES Design (MPhil) A Study of the Business Context and Eco-Efficiency Practices in Chinese Microelectronic Firms
DUANGPHET SITTHI RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Extrusion Foaming of Bioplastics for Lightweight Structure in Food Packaging
TAWIAH THOMAS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Video content analysis for automated detection and tracking of humans in CCTV surveillance applications
RADHI NAZAR RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Implementation of spectrum sensing techniques for cognitive radio systems
RASOOL EMAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) High Frequency Link Uninterruptible Power Supply System
GEGOV EMIL RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Cluster Damage Robustness Analysis and Space Independent Community Detection in Complex Networks
WU TAO RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Tooling performance in micro milling: modelling, simulation and experimental study
AL-RUBAYE SABA PhDRES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Radio Network Management in Cognitive LTE/Femtocell Systems
NOOR AZAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) A new algorithm for minutiae extraction and matching in fingerprints
HONG JIE RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Human gait identification and analysis
MEMON SHAHZAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Fingerprint liveness detection techniques
HEMMINGS STEPHEN RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Supporting the regeneration process of a diesel particulate filter with the addition of H2 and H2/CO
ABDOLLAHI SEYED REZA RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Photonic Digital Radio Over Fibre Broadband Access
AL-DULAIMI ANWER RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Cognitive LTE networks
BOSE RAJIV RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) The Development of an In-Vivo Dosimeter for the Application of Radiotherapy
AL-ARAJI AHMED RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Design of a Cognitive Neural Predictive Controller for Mobile Robot
SCHMIDGALL RALF RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Automatic Embedded System Software Reprogramming


Surname First Name Programme Title of Thesis
ABRAHAM JEEVAN RES Systems Engineering (PhD) A deflection, buckling and stress investigation into the telescopic cantilever beams
ABULKHAIR NESREEN RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Investigating the effect of a mechanical loading in a reversed shoulder using Verso implant
AL-ENEZI JAMAL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Artificial immune systems based committee machine for classification application
AL-JAWARY MAJEED RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) The radial integration boundary integral and integro-differential equation methods for numerical solutions of problems with variable coefficients
AL-SULTANY GHAIDAA RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Automatic message annotation and semantic inference for context aware mobile computing
ALNAWAYSEH MOHAMMAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) E-Commerce logistic in developing countries: The case on online grocery shopping in Jordan
BISSET FERGUS RES Design (MPhil) An Investigation into the Concept of Motivation within Design
CHADWICK MATTHEW RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Measurement of the tt cross section at 7tev with 36 pb-¹ of data in the electron+jests channel using the CMS
FENNING RICHARD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Novel FFAG Gantry and Transport Line Designs for Charged Particle Therapy
HAYES- MCCOY DECLAN RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Direct Computations of a Synthetic Jet Actuator
PANCHADCHARAM SIVANANTHARASA RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Performance evaluation of information and communications technology infrastructure for smart distribution
PLANT ALEXANDER RES Design (PhD) Standards in Sustainable Engineering and Design
SABRI DALIA RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) Performance analysis for network coding with ant colony routing
SCOTT STEWART RES Mechanical Engineering (MPhil) Precision engineering for nanometre focussing of hard X-rays in synchrotron beam lines
SHAH IBRAR RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Channel assignment and routing in cooperative and competitive wireless mesh networks
SUSMAN GIDEON RES Engineering & Design (EngD) The application of phase change materials to cool buildings
WANG HUANHUAN RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Design methodology for product mass customization
HARUN MOHAMMAD RES Systems Engineering (PhD) An Investigation on Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems
DAI DASONG RES Civil Engineering (PhD) Hemp Nanocellulose: Fabrication, Characterisation and Application
AHMAD SEYED RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Combined effect of electric field and surface modification on pool boiling of R-123
MENKIEL BARBARA RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Investigation of soot processes in an optical diesel engine
BASAHEL ABDULRAHMAN RES Design (PhD) Effect of physical and mental workload interactions on human attentional resources performance
BELECA RADU RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Investigation of Pharmaceutical Aerosols Bipolar Charge using Phase Doppler Anemometry
SINCLAIR RHONA RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Pre-clinical evaluation of the forces during limb lengthening using manual and automated devices
ZIAKAS DIMITRIOS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) A modular many-core microarchitecture for scalable homogenous and heterogeneous processors
ZHANG LEI RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) FPGA embedded system for ultrasonic non-destructive testing
ZHANG HAOFAN RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Experimental investigation of Gasoline-Di-Methyl Ether dual fuel CAI combustion with internal EGR
UNAMKA UGOCHUKWU RES Mechanical Engineering (MPhil) Appraising the suitability of a hybrid piston for internal combustion engines and its fatigue characteristics
ZARAKOVITIS CHARILAOS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Convex optimisation based resource scheduling for multiuser wireless system
SWALEN MARCEL RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Study of a bi-directional axial flow blood pump
ALFAWWAZ BADER RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Evaluation of eGovernment websites usability in Jordan
AL MASARWEH MOHAMMED RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Interface design for a remote guidance system for the blind: Using dual screen displays
RUAN JIAN RES Design (PhD) Risk management for collaborative design
TRIDECH SAKDA RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Low carbon manufacturing
SHANMUGAM KARTHIKEYAN RES System Engineering (MPhil) Validating digital forensic evidence
SAPARGALIYEV YERBOL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Incremental co-evolution meltodology for analog circuit synthesis
QI HAO RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Diabetes data modelling and analysis
ALRASHIDI MOHAMMAD RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) In vivo mechanical assessment of human elbow kinematics using a six axis parallel mechanism developed in house
TRICHAKIS DIMOSTHENIS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) Power line network automation over IP
GIBOUDOT YOEL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Study Of Beam Dynamics In NS-FFAG EMMA With Dynamical Maps
AL-HAIFI NAWAF RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Design and manufacture of a universal joint simulator
ARMAN MAHMOUD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) An 'active' passive-filter topology for low power DC/AC inverters
KIOURKTSIDIS ILIAS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD Flexible cross layer design for improved quality of service in MANETs
UMAR ABUBAKAR RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) 3D Multiple Description Coding for Error Resilience over Wireless Networks


Surname First Name Programme Title of Thesis
CHAUDHRY SAQIB RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Application priority framework for fixed mobile coverage communication networks
BONIN MICHAEL RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) An investigation into the properties of starch-based foams
LEE CHO-YU RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Computational and experimental study of air hybrid engine concepts
SPASOS MICHAIL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) RF-MEMS switches for reconfigurable antennas
WANG CHAO RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Static, Dynamic & Levitation Characteristics of Squeeze Film Air Journal Bearing
HAMMOUD SUHEL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Map reduced network enabled high performance parallel algorithms for mining roles association and building
LABECKI LUKASZ RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Combustion and emission characteristics of biofuels in diesel engines
NOUREDDINE HADI RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Position Based Routing and MAC Protocols for Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
ALRASHDAN KHALED RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD)

A virtual environment for the modelling, simulation and manufacturing of orthopaedic devices

ABUTARBOUSH HATTAN RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Fixed and reconfigurable multiband antennas
ALTHALAB SALEM FATEMAH RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) A new bottle design to correct mechanical defect during feeding in cleft lip and palate babies
MAKIDA YUTAKA RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) The influence of magnetic fields on wear in sliding contacts
CIFTER ABDUSSELAM RES Design (PhD) An inclusive approach towards designing medical devices for use in the home environment
GHARAIBEH YOUSEF RES Engineering & Design (EngD) The application of guided waves for non-destructive examination of complex structures
OLATOKE ABRAHAM RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) Power quality in commercial buildings
JAN SADAQAT RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Facilitating file retrieval on resource limited devices
SAEED NAGHAM RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Intelligent manet optimisation system
PODGORIC SANDER RES Engineering & Design (EngD) Alternative environmentally-friendly coating materials for aerospace applications
WANG WEN-CHIA RES Design (PhD) The effects of individual differences on mobile phone users’ operational behaviour
LIU YANG RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) A resource aware distributed LSI algorithm for scalable information retrieval
KHALID ALHAM NASULLAH RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Parallelizing support vector machines for scalable image annotation
RICCETTI SAURO RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Design of equipment safety & reliability for an aseptic liquid packaging line through maintenance engineering
MEZHER MOHAMMAD RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) New evolutionary algorithms for support vector machine model selection
KATSIOULIS VASILEIOS RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) Design of a wireless monitoring system based on the ZigBee protocol for photovoltaic systems
ALZU'BI SHADI RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) 3D multiresolution statistical approaches for accelerated medical volume segmentation
SAZISH ABDUL RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Efficient architectures and power modelling of multiresolution analysis algorithms on FPGA
METHANUNTAKUL KANWIPA RES Design (PhD) A conceptual model for a high street fashion brand building communication strategy at the encoding process for female generation next
SHEKARRIZ MONA RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) The foundation of capability modelling: a study of the impact and utilisation of human resources
FILA MACIEJ RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Modelling, evaluation and demonstration of novel active voltage control schemes to accomodate distributed generation in distribution networks
MAHMOUD MOHAMED MOHAMED RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Flow boiling of R134a in vertical mini-diameter tubes
DEIGMÖLLER JÖRG RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Intelligent cropping and scaling of TV productions
AKOGYERAM SAMUEL RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Bonding and debonding mechanism of pressure sensitive adhesives
FURTUNA MARIAN-DUMITRU RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Study of film formation in EHD contact using a novel method based on electrical capacitance
GRIFFIN THOMAS RES Design (PhD) The flight of information: new approaches for investigating aviation accident causation
MACFIE PETER RES Engineering & Design (EngD) Large-scale security constrained optimal reactive power flow for operational loss management on the GB electricity transmission network
THARMAKULASINGAM RAUL RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Transmission error in spur gears: static and dynamic finite element modelling and design optimization
LIU MOXIAN RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Semi-automated mobile television interactive application generation based on XHTML and Java ME application model
JERJEES ZINA RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Design of interface selection protocols for multi-homed wireless networks
BELL COLIN RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Constant power - continuously variable transmission (CP-CVT): Optimisation and simulation
AL-SAHHAF AHMAD RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Investigation of the entrainment and infiltration rates through air curtains of open low-front refrigerated display cabinets
TAVAKOLI SIAMAK RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) A generic predictive information system for resource planning and optimisation
YOON JI RES Design (PhD) A conceptual model for city branding based on semiotics
ASKAR SHANAR RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (MPhil) Performance evaluation of WiMax protocols under high fading channels
AL-SALIHI NAWZAD RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Precise positioning in real-time using GPS-RTK signal for visually impaired people navigation system
SAEED BURHAN RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Exploring the aerodynamic characteristics of a blown annular wing for V/STOL aircraft
HERFATMANESH MOHAMMAD RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Investigation of single and split injection strategies in a single cylinder optical diesel engine
IBRAHIM RASIDI RES Systems Engineering (PhD) Vibration assisted machining: modelling, simulation, optimisation, control and applications
JONES BENJAMIN RES Engineering & Design (EngD) Quantifying the performance of natural ventilation Windcatchers
CHEN XIAOYU RES Electronic & Computer Engineering (PhD) Research and development of accounting services in multi-grid environments
JEON BYUNG-HO RES Mechanical Engineering (PhD) Proposed automobile steering wheel test method for vibration

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