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Did you know:

  • Over 1.1 billion people globally are without access to clean drinking water
  • Levels of contamination in water can be difficult to detect
  • Water borne diseases cause over 2 million deaths annually

The aim of WaterCycle is to combat these issues head-on; with a solution to enable everyone in the world to have clean and safe drinking water.

Watercycle is a stand-alone, stationary, human powered, six stage water purification system which:

  • Purifies contaminated water into safe drinking water and domestic water
  • Produces enough drinking water for a family's daily requirements – 2.5 litres per person
  • Uses only human energy source
  • Has a six stage filteration system
  • Can be used immediately with no training required
  • Requires minimal maintenance
Water Cycle

Page last updated: Thursday 05 July 2012