Application and offer process (postgraduates and researchers)

Both Accommodation Services and Brunel Student Homes will give you every assistance to find suitable accommodation either in the University residences or locally, off campus.

You must make sure you have arranged somewhere to live or at least have temporary accommodation before leaving home. Students who do not do this run the risk of arriving at Brunel with nowhere to live.

If you need to apply for a visa, ensure you allow sufficient time for the British Embassy to process your application. Failure to do so may result in late arrival and losing your room on campus.


Applying for campus accommodation

Applications for campus accommodation are made online at Before you join the University in September we will send you an email requesting that you complete an online application form during the month of January. This form will allow you to indicate a preference for either an en suite or a standard room, supply a mobile number for SMS (text messaging) and provide a contact email address. Please note that we are unable to guarantee preferences, but the information supplied will help Accommodation Services complete the allocation process.

If you need to apply for a visa, please ensure that you allow sufficient time for the British Embassy to process your application. Failure to do so may result in late arrival and the loss of your room.

If you are an exchange, pre-sessional or English@Brunel student, please see the information for prospective international students for details of how to apply.


All the University's residences are self-catering and rooms are reserved specifically for full-time postgraduate and research students. Students who have applied, met their conditions and confirmed their acceptance of an offer by 1 September will be accommodated on campus. In previous years students who applied later in the summer have also been allocated, but for these students accommodation is subject to availability.

When you are offered a room you will be asked to sign/accept a Licence Agreement and pay a £350 (2016/17 single rooms) booking fee to confirm the booking. If your preferred room type is not available you will be offered an alternative, if possible.

Rooms are allocated from the weekend prior to the start of the Autumn term until one week before the beginning of the following year's contract, which is usually the first week in September. If you need accommodation beyond this date you must make your own arrangements.

Offer/allocation process

If you have provided the University with your email address, details of your accommodation offer will be sent to you via email. You should check your email address regularly so that you respond to your offer in good time. Please ensure that you check both your Inbox and Junk Mail folders and ensure you have not met your email limit.

If you have provided the University with a mobile number, Accommodation Services are able to text an alert to you to remind you to meet important deadlines.

Accommodation will be allocated taking into account your preferred type of accommodation in order of priority. However, as some types of accommodation are oversubscribed, obtaining your first preference cannot be guaranteed and an alternative may be offered.

Students with unconditional firmly accepted offers

Full-time postgraduate and research students who have firmly accepted an unconditional offer and who have applied for accommodation by 1 September will be allocated before students who are waiting to confirm their results. These students should expect to have received their allocation email by the second week in September. Some of you may be travelling so please ensure that someone responsible is home to deal with the paperwork in your absence so that you do not lose your allocation.

Students waiting to meet the conditions of their offer

You should confirm your results to the University as soon as possible and firmly accept the place offered so your record can be updated and made Unconditional Firm. Students are allocated accommodation once they have fully accepted their offer with the University, have an Unconditional Firm place on their course and have submitted an online application form.

After 1 September
If you are accepting your place or applying for a room after the 1 September we would expect to be able to offer campus accommodation to those applying later although it is not guaranteed and you may need to book into a local guest house when you first arrive. However, Brunel Student Homes will be able to offer you advice and assistance in finding suitable accommodation locally.

Accepting your room offer

Your Licence Agreement is your offer of accommodation. When you receive your allocation email you should respond by the deadline date shown. To accept and secure the offer of accommodation you need to digitally sign and date the Licence Agreement and pay the accommodation booking fee online £350 (2016/17 single rooms). Before accepting you should make sure you read, understand and agree to the terms of the Residence Regulations and the Licence Agreement as, together, they create legally binding obligations.

The Licence Agreement and the Residence Regulations are governed by English Law which international students may find quite different to the law that applies in their own country. Take advice before signing if you feel you need it.

It is very important that you secure your room before the deadline date you are given by accepting your Licence Agreement and paying your deposit online. Without payment and acceptance your room offer would be withdrawn and offered to another student.

If you are away

If you think your allocation email may arrive while you are away, please ensure that someone responsible is able to deal with the paperwork/emails in your absence so that you do not lose your allocation.

Special Requirements

If you are a disabled student or have a severe medical impairment which we will need to take into consideration when allocating your accommodation, please browse our information for students with disabilities for further advice and assistance.

Cost of accommodation

The rents for 2016/17 are as follows:

Residence Cost (per week)
Saltash, Chepstow and Clifton Halls (standard) £108.15
Mill Hall (corridor layout en suite) £134.75
Faraday, Fleming, Galbraith Halls, Bishop Complex, Lancaster
Complex and Isambard Complex (flat layout en suite)
Studio Flats for Co-habiting Couples - Isambard Complex £206.15

Please note: All information contained in these pages has been checked and is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change at any time. The University reserves the right to alter its Accommodation Policy at any time that it considers appropriate.

Rents for session 2017/18 will be set by June 2017.

Living off-campus

Brunel Student Homes keeps a register of off-campus accommodation, and you should contact them directly for advice and assistance. Students with families are strongly advised to travel by themselves and to secure their accommodation first before their families join them.

Page last updated: Friday 21 November 2014