Early Arrival Requests

Welcome to the Residence Office's early arrival online request facility.

If you have accepted your Licence Agreement for 2014/15, paid your accommodation deposit/booking fee and have a need to arrive earlier than your Licence start date you will be able to make a request to your Residences Manager to collect your keys and move in to your accommodation early.

An early arrival means a request to move in up to seven days before the start of your Licence agreement. If you need to arrive before this then you must apply for accommodation with the Accommodation Office.

Requests cannot be made within 48 hours of the start of your Licence.

Charges for this period will be at the relevant nightly rate and these charges will be added to your account at the point you receive your confirmation email from your Residences Manager. Once the dates have been confirmed to you by email from your Residence Office, you will be charged for those days whether you move in to your room or not as arrangements will have already been made for your room to be cleaned and made ready for your early arrival.

Because you will be arriving to take up your campus accommodation before the actual contract start date please note that you may be the only occupant of the flat until your flatmates move in on Sunday 14 September 2014.  Also, please note that in order to facilitate your early arrival, your room will have been cleaned, but the communal areas of the flat (e.g. kitchen/bathrooms if it is a standard hall) may still require cleaning and therefore you may experience some inconvenience and disruption during this time.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to make every effort to accommodate an early arrival request, this may only be possible if your accommodation is available and ready.

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Page last updated: Wednesday 22 January 2014