Parking on Campus

Students living on campus or within a two mile radius of the University are not eligible to apply for an annual parking permit. They can use the pay & display areas between 8am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. You can apply for ‘Out of Hours’ access which allows you to park on campus outside these hours. Once fully registered/enrolled you can apply for this access to be added to your Brunel Student ID card via eVision under ‘My University’ and then click on the relevant parking application link.

The University does of course make exceptions for Blue badge holders and they can apply for a free parking permit via the Student Centre. Please note the University encourages the use of public transport and other sustainable methods of travel other than the car. Special arrangements will be in place at the start and end of each year so that new and returning students can load and unload their personal belongings (see Arriving by car on 13 September 2015). For further information please visit website or contact the Student Centre at


Page last updated: Wednesday 25 March 2015