Visiting Staff and Departmental Visitors

Term-time accommodation

Accommodation during term-time is not possible due to the high demand from students.

Alternative options

You may wish to contact Brunel's Conference Office. The Conference Office has a few rooms on campus, chargeable at conference rates. For more information please contact them.

There is also a choice of local accommodation (hotels and bed and breakfast) that you may wish to consider.

Summer vacation accommodation

If you are a departmental visitor or a member of staff who has invited a visitor, or if you are a member of staff requiring accommodation yourself, Accommodation Services should be able to assist you.

Accommodation is available on campus between 2pm 12 June 2015 and 10am 6 September 2015. Accommodation Services will ask for evidence from your department/school that you are intending to visit/work at the University. Your department/school is welcome to contact us directly by email at to confirm your status. This information is required before we are able to offer you a room.

You will need to complete an online application form (the form will be available from April). This can be completed by the visitor or by the School/Department on the visitor's behalf. Prior to completing your online application, please register by choosing the "Non registered guests" option in the drop-down menu. You will only need to do this once during your stay with us.

Summer period for visitors 2pm 12 June 2015 until 10am 6 September 2015
En suite room - staff and departmental visitors £28 per night

A minimum booking of 1 week will apply.

All bookings require a payment of accommodation fees in advance to secure a room, further details will be provided upon application.

What if I change my mind and want to stay longer?

If you decide you would like to stay longer you can request a new contract online. The minimum booking period/charge is one week and the maximum stay is until 10am 6 September 2015. The contract for your longer stay is treated as a new contract, therefore the minimum stay of one week re-applies. All bookings require a payment of accommodation fees in advance to secure a room. The latest to make a new booking is 7 days prior to the end of your existing contact. We will do our best to offer you the same room but this is not guaranteed.

Cancellation procedure and vacating your summer room

All cancellations need to be put in writing by email to . Your first weeks rent is non-refundable unless notice is given in writing 7 days before the start of each new Licence Agreement. 

If you choose to vacate early you may do so and you will be refunded for any additional nights you have paid for. The minimum stay of 1 week applies to each new contract. Keys have to be returned to the Residence Office. Please do not return them to the Security Office or leave them with a friend. Please contact us closer to the time for the out of hours vacating procedure.

If you fail to vacate your accommodation on the correct date/time you will be liable for additional accommodation fees at a nightly rate of £40 for a standard room, £45 for an en suite room and £67 for a studio flat.

Page last updated: Wednesday 04 February 2015