Heritage Builds Bridges

Heritage Builds Bridges is a unique online resource which celebrates the three rich histories of Hillingdon, Joseph Lancaster and the movement for the education of the poor, and Maria Grey and the fight to raise the status of women teachers and teaching as a profession for women.

The website offers:

  • Educational resources for children and teachers on Victorian Childhood (Key Stage 2) and Trade, Industry and Empire 1750-1900 (Key Stage 3)
  • Guide to the kinds of records the local history researcher may find useful
  • Catalogue of collections held by the Partners (the London Borough of Hillingdon, the British and Foreign School Society and Brunel University London)

It follows two years of cataloguing and interpreting items such as photographs, maps, costumes, toys and official documents in new ways to enable local people and others discover the history and development of their Hillingdon and of education.

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Page last updated: Friday 08 August 2014