I didn’t know Brunel had an Archive

Published: Tuesday 1 July 2014
Old School House

Well we do! You may not have heard of us because until Dec 2011 we were still at the (increasingly wild) Runnymede campus. We moved over to Uxbridge in Jan 2012, and can now be found in the Old School House on Hillingdon Road, 5 mins walk from campus.

“What do you have?”
Brunel University Archives manages the archives of the University and its predecessor colleges, as well as the archives of the British and Foreign School Society.   We hold official documents such as Council and Senate and other University committee minutes and papers, student administrative papers, annual reports, financial records, prospectuses, as well as photographs, staff and student magazines and papers of student clubs and societies and much more.  

“So you’re not the same as Special Collections then?”
No. Brunel University Archives holds the records of the University and other colleges that were generated through the course of the business and history of the university, and are now managed and available for research. The Library looks after the Special Collections, which as the name says, are documents etc that were deliberately collected for research use.

“Can I use the Archives?”
Of course – we would be delighted to see you. The Reading Room is open 9.30am to 2.30pm Mon –Thurs.  We do ask that you make an appointment so that we can prepare for your visit.

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