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Published: Friday 13 November 2015
Discovery Collage
Collage of some of objects in the Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail, recently launched to mark the start of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations, includes 50 exhibits and objects located across the campus to celebrate the University’s history and achievements.

Brunel University London Archives have provided a number of the objects on display, which can be seen in the Eastern Gateway Building and the Library Foyer.

These celebrations mark the 50th anniversary of granting of the University Charter in 1966, however, the University's history goes back much further with our predecessor Colleges - Borough Road College (BRC), Maria Grey College, and Shoreditch College of Education.  Objects from these Colleges are included in the Trail.

Objects 1-14 ‘Our History Revealed’ in the Eastern Gateway Building

Trail Object 1: Plan for the Development of the College – 1962

Trail Object 2: Brunel University’s Opening Ceremony

Trail Object 3: University Mace

Trail Object 4: VC’s Gown and Mortarboard

Trail Object 5: Computer Graphics 70

Trail Object 6: Shoreditch College Year Group 1973

Trail Object 7: The Challenge of the Future – Physical education for the Nineties

Trail Object 8: First Register of Women students at Borough Road College, 1806

This object has also been transcribed for our website here.

Trail Object 9: Letter to Henry Dunn from Jabez Tunley, Jamaica, 1844

Trail Object 10: Maria Grey College Blazer

Trail Object 11: Annie Shunmugum from Madras, Maria Grey College student 1882

Trail Object 12: BRC – O.B’s War Hum and Roll of Honour - 1918

The O.B's War Hum and Roll of Honour also formed part of a project conducted in the Archives last year to compile a list of the BRC students and staff who died in the First World War to mark the centenary of the start of the war, which again is available on our website here.

Trail Object 13: Roll of Honorary Graduates

Trail Object 14: Music from Brunel, Wigmore Hall poster


Click on the first image below to view a slide show of these 14 objects!

  • Campus Plan
  • Opening Ceremony
  • The University Mace
  • Dr Topping
  • Computer Graphics 70
  • Shoreditch Year Group 1974
  • WLIHE poster
  • 1st female students - cover
  • 1st female students - excerpt
  • Jamaica.52 Letter
  • Jamaica.52 - Specimen Book
  • MGC Blazer 1
  • MGC Blazer 2
  • Annie Shunmugum
  • WW1 collage
  • Honorary Grads - cover
  • Honorary Grads - excerpt
  • Music at Brunel

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