University Archive Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 Brunel University London is committed to managing its records including its Archives as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2002-2007 and its University Records Management Policy.

2. Mission Statement

2.1 The University Archive seeks to identify, collect and preserve those original and unique records that document the history of the University, its constituent colleges and academic interests, and to make them available for use by staff, students, the academic research community and the wider public.

3. Policy

3.1 The objectives of this Policy are to:

  • identify and collect records of permanent legal, administrative, financial or historical value;
  • keep the records safe;
  • sort, and catalogue the records in order to maximise their value as an information and research resource using appropriate tools and adhering to recognised international standards;
  • take all necessary steps to ensure the preservation and conservation of the records;
  • publicise the Archive and encourage use of the material by staff, students, the academic research community and the wider public.

4. Current collections

4.1 The collections, which date from 1899 to the present day, currently comprise the Institutional Archives of the University, the Maria Grey College Archives, British and Foreign School Society (BFSS) Archives and the Shoreditch College Archives, which are of international importance to the history of education and teacher training.

5. Management of the Archive

5.1 A qualified archivist will be responsible for the arrangement and preservation of the Archives according to archival principles to preserve their evidential value and allow them to be easily accessible for consultation.

5.2 In particular, standards that will be adhered to include The International Standard of Archival Description (General) (ISAD (G), Encoded Archival Description (EAD), International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families (ISAAF (CPF), Standard for Record Repositories (Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts 1990), BS5454 - Standard for storage and exhibition of archival documents (2000).

6. Acquisition Policy

6.1 The University Archive seeks to collect records to support teaching, learning and research in Brunel University London and the wider community including

  • records that document the policies and activities of Brunel and its predecessors;
  • records that document the development of the University in teaching and research;
  • working and personal papers of Brunel senior staff;
  • records that relate to the University's role within the local community.

6.2 All types of media including paper, photographs, electronic records and sound records by internal transfer, gift or purchase of permanent value created by the University and its predecessors will be collected.

6.3 Every effort will be made to avoid conflict and duplication with the collecting policies of other archive repositories but will house records of an educational nature of historical interest for which no other suitable home can be found, and which is in danger of neglect or destruction.

7. Loans Policy

7.1 Loans from the Collections

7.1.1 Original material will be loaned to other registered archives on the condition that the borrower takes full responsibility for the care of the item/s and covers the cost for transport, insurance and, if necessary, conservation of the item/s on loan.

7.1.2 Original material will be loaned for display only if conditions are in accordance with BS 5454, otherwise the use of copies will be encouraged.

8. Conservation Policy

8.1 The primary responsibility of the Archivist is to ensure the records are safe and protected against physical deterioration and damage.

8.2 As the University does not employ a professional conservator nor have the required facilities on-site, the advice and help of a professional conservator will be sought if and when necessary.

9. Access Policy

9.1 The Archives will be available to staff and students of the University, academic scholars and members of the public.

9.2 Access to the Archives by academic scholars and the members of the public will be by appointment only. A letter of introduction and proof of identity are required before the Archives are consulted.

9.3 Readers will be required to sign an application and undertaking form, which outlines their responsibility under the Data Protection Act and the Copyright Act.

9.4 In line with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Regulations, the general records held in the University Archives will be open to the public, unless a specific exemption applies. Records containing personnel data may be exempt from disclosure under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. Fragile items may also be withheld.

9.5 All users of the Archives should conform to rules drawn up by the Archive, which are designed to protect the records.

9.6 Readers will be supervised while consulting the items.

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