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Our activities take place in a range of venues on Brunel's Uxbridge Campus (see directions).

The Brunel Arts itself is on the main concourse, next to the Lecture Centre and overlooking the River Pinn.

Many of our evening live performances are in the Howell Theatre,  which is located opposite Tower A.

Exhibitions are usually in the Beldam Gallery which locates to the University's new Eastern Gateway Building in late Spring 2012.

Free Friday  Lunchtime Concerts are in the Roberts Room, on the third floor of the Lecture Centre.

A map of the campus can be found here

DisabledGo: Antonin Artaud Building - Access Guide


The Brunel Arts welcomes comments from all users. Our general email address is

Jay Wilkinson
Brunel Arts
+44 (0)1895 266062

Karen Lamb
Administration Manager
Brunel Arts
+44 (0)1895 266064

Jackie McIntosh
Resources Manager
Brunel Arts
+44 (0)1895 266068

George Mogg
University Curator
+44 (0)1895 266066

Laura O'Malley
Resource Assistant
Brunel Arts
+44 (0)1895 266065

Rabiatu Bobboi

Brunel Arts Assistant

Brunel Arts
+44 (0)1895 266104

Michael Sanderson
Head, AC Student Music
Roberts Room
+44 (0)1895 269735


Sally Goodworth
Staff Musician & MD
Roberts Room
+44 (0)1895 269735


Weekly Class Tutors

To contact a tutor, please email

Jonathan Middlemiss (Monday, Tuesday)
Laura Peacock (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Visual Arts
Caroline Bays (Saturday)
Martin Henley (Wednesday)
Lisa Muten (Thursday)

Sally Trussler

Peter O’Regan (Tuesday)
Eileen Pinkarchevski  (Thursday, Sunday)

Liz Swain (Monday)
Nick Pugh (Monday)
Michael Sanderson (Monday, Tuesday)

Jenny Steele (Wednesday)
Sally Goodworth (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday)

Rae Evans (Wednesday)

Eileen Pinkarchevski (Thursday)
Sam Cave (Friday)


Alexander Technique

Jenny Steele (Wednesday)

Creative Writing

Emma Filtness (Tuesday)


Tech Crew

Patrick Walton (Thursday)


Visiting Instrumental Tutors
Chris Hankin (flute)
Laurence Frankel (oboe)

Value for Money Review

Brunel University's Value for Money policy is embedded within the governance of the institution and is designed to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

The Value for Money Review of the Brunel Arts was presented to the Council of Brunel Univesity in April 2012, and the summary of this follows:

The Brunel Arts review, which was completed in July 2011, revealed the wide-range of activities undertaken by the Brunel Arts and the high perceived value of these activities to students, staff (academic and non-academic), and the local community.

The greatest beneficiaries were shown to be students, for whom the Brunel Arts was an attractor for some, e.g. those who wanting to continue with music without studying it; improving employability by adding breadth to their CVs; acquiring skills that complement their studies e.g. students on engineering design courses building prototypes; and for a few determining their future career. The review established that after taking into account income of £63K, which represented an increase of over 50% over the previous year, the total net cost of the Brunel Arts, including maintaining the University’s collection of over 700 artworks was £289K (2009-10).

It was therefore concluded that the Brunel Arts provides an effective and efficient service to the University and operates with acceptable economy, whilst making a tangible contribution to the student experience.

Brunel Arts Survey 2013

2012/13 Annual Survey

Each year, the Brunel Arts asks all its users to tell us how we're doing, what they enjoy and what they think we can change.

The 2012/13 Survey is now complete, and the full version can be seen here.

99% of all respondents to the survey felt that their course had exceeded their expectations, and 1% felt that it had met their expectations.

The next Survey will take place from February- March 2014.

Previous surveys

2011/12  here

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