Social Kitchen

At the heart of the campus, Social Kitchen is the destination for a variety of foods to enjoy with friends.  There are five unique food destinations in one space with plenty of choice for everyone.Social Kitchen is open from 8am for breakfast; with a range of cereals with ice cold milk or a hot breakfast to get you going; right through lunch, with a variety of food destinations, and into the evening so you’ll never go hungry!

Street Food Revolution

Fresh food from around the world. Discover new dishes and old favourites, served quick, hot and totally fresh!

British Classics

Morning hot breakfasts, lunchtime grills and traditional favourites! Energising flavours and awesome smells!


Freshly cooked stir fries and main meals all served in a bowl.  Great value, fresh and fast, takes a seat and tuck in!


Delicious soups with a large choice of toppings, the perfect combination for a healthy and warm lunch.


Energise, rejuvenate and detox at the salad bar. Get chilled yoghurts and fresh fruit to go in the morning and create your own salad as a side or a main meal at lunch.

Page last updated: Thursday 15 December 2016