Our Services

The services we offer include:

  • Arranging one to one meetings with employers at their premises or at Brunel
  • Organising round tables to enable Brunel academics and managers to present their research and services to representatives from a company or organisation
  • Sourcing contacts in specific companies (to support research proposals, to be involved in curriculum delivery, etc)
  • Providing targeted contact lists for conferences, events, projects and activities
  • Facilitating company visits
  • Running or supporting events
  • Promoting Brunel’s successes to employers and other agencies
  • Representing the University at business events and university-business fora
  • Managing projects
  • Advising staff and students on business engagement through formal briefings and informal interaction
  • Playing an active role in the design and delivery of special, strategically important projects
  • Preparing promotional collateral, articles, speeches for colleagues across the University as required.

In addition, we undertake a wide range of activities (with the Professional Development Centre, the Students Union and student societies – such as Brunel Entrepreneurs and the Student Law Society) to enhance the students’ employability skills.

These include

  • Identifying and recruiting guest speakers
  • Attracting sponsorship
  • Devising new, student-friendly initiatives
  • Running specific series of talks and workshops, eg Women into Business

We also manage the Brunel Bank which comprises c. 35 entrepreneurs, business men and women and advisors who mentor and guide students.

Page last updated: Monday 28 September 2015