Key Performance Indicators

Twitter feedback

Feedback like this is fantastic and really important to us but we don't want to wait for responses like this in order to understand whether we are meeting your needs or not.

It is important to us to know that we are providing the service that you need. We keep a lot of statistical data about what we do and we use these to compare our performance as a service with other university libraries. It is very important though that we identify what aspects of the service mean most to you, identify a target to aim for that shows we are achieving the desired level of service and monitor our performance in reaching these targets. To help us achieve this we have created  a number of Key Performance Indicators.

If you would like to see these, and check how we are performing against them then you can check them out here.

A few snapshots can be seen below.

PC availability

"We aim to ensure that there will always be a PC available within the Library"

  • Ground floor: peak usage in 2013 was 75%
  • First floor: peak usage in 2013 was 80%
  • Second floor: peak usage was 78%
  • Third floor: peak usage in 2013 was 98%
  • Library Training Room: peak usage in 2013 was 76%

Self-issue and return availability

"We aim to provide self-issue and self-return facilities for 95% of our opening hours"

During December 2013 the self-issue and self-return facilities were available for 98% of the time.

Response to customer contact

Most of our enquiries are dealt with through LibAnswers. Our turnaround times for December 2013 are below:

Turnaround stats graph

 Our targets for dealing with enquiries are to answer:

75% within 24 hours tick

95% within 3 days


We receive feedback on our online chat system and we have a target of 70% satisfaction rate

In December 2013 we achieved a 58% satisfaction rate

Page last updated: Tuesday 25 August 2015