Brunel University ISBN

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. Each ISBN now comprises 13 characters and uniquely identifies a publication.

The following products qualify for an ISBN:

  • Monographic works (books) that are textual and/or have an instructional content.
  • Electronic or digital resources such as DVDs, e-Books and such other e-Publications with textual and/or instructional content i.e. not purely for entertainment.
  • Journals published no more frequently than once a year

How do I get an ISBN?

Brunel University London is registered as a publisher with the ISBN Agency with an allocation of a block of ISBNs for use by University members. If you wish to apply for one of these numbers for your publications, then please contact

In return, a copy of the publication should be deposited in the University Library as part of the Brunel Collection.

Once a publication has a Brunel ISBN it is traceable back to Brunel, and it is implicit, although not a legal requirement, that Brunel will supply the publication, or details of where to get it on request.

Further Information

Brunel ISBNs are available from:

01895 266147

Page last updated: Tuesday 13 January 2015