Who we are

Maths and numeracyInna Namestnikova

Dr Inna Namestnikova is the advisor for maths and numeracy. Inna graduated from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University where she was also awarded PhD in Applied Mathematics. She has many years' experience of teaching mathematics at several Russian and British universities and joined Brunel in 2009. Her teaching interests include different areas of mathematics and her main research interests are in theoretical solid mechanics.



Statistics and SPSSDr. Christine Pereira

Dr Christine Pereira is the advisor for quantitative research, statistics and SPSS. Christine completed her PhD in Operations Research at Brunel in 2009 and joined the ASK team in 2010. She has experience teaching mathematics and statistics at Brunel and her main teaching interests include quantitative research, statistics and the application of software such as Excel and SPSS to carry out statistical analysis.

Writing and learning

Monica Fernandes, Melanie Crisfield and Adam Carter all specialise in academic writing and learning development.


Monica Fernandes

Monica joined the ASK team in 2012, having taught academic writing in Politics and History in tertiary institutions such as the Rand Afrikaans University and the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and her teaching interests include academic writing, creating and developing arguments and research skills.

Monica is the Head of Academic Skills Development and is the ASK contact for Politics, History and Law; Social Sciences as well as Media and Communication


Melanie Crisfield

Melanie joined the ASK team in 2015, having taught academic writing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels both in the UK and the United States. Her teaching interests include dissertation writing and research and study skills.

Melanie is the ASK contact for Arts and Humanities, Education, Business, and Economics  and Finance.



Adam Carter

Adam joined the ASK team in 2016, having taught academic writing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and gained experience as an EU researcher in Brussels after graduating from the London School of Economics. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and his teaching interests include research skills and developing the academic voice in writing.

Adam is the ASK contact for the College of Health and Life Sciences.



Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams joined the ASK team in 2015 as the Peer-assisted Learning Project Manager. Andrew’s role includes overseeing the design and implementation of peer-assisted learning schemes across the university including the day-to-day running of the programmes. Prior to joining the ASK team, Andrew graduated from Brunel as a student and has worked at the University since January 2014.



Katie Osmon


Katie Osmon joined the ASK team in 2015 as the Transition Project Manager. She is coordinating an HEA-funded project that aims to improve the academic transition and experiences of students who come to Brunel, with a view to extrapolating good practice that could be used across the higher education sector.






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