Market Research

Market research

Brunel Library subscribes to several databases which provide access to market research, industry information, and information related to specific companies. There are also free resources available online which can be used to identify information about these topics.Some basic company financial information can be found in these market research databases, but most research for financial data will require the use of raw data sources.

Subscription Resources

The information contained in these databases can be written reports, statistical data or both.

Passport (previously Global Market Information Database - GMID)
An international database containing reports and statistics from the market research company Euromonitor. Includes reports on industries, companies and consumer topics.  We also temporarily (until end of March 2014) have access to the Industrials section - good for Business to Business research.

Mintel Oxygen
UK Reports on industry topics such as automotive, food and technology and regular retail intelligence briefing. Reports are kept up to date with the addition of short ‘What’s Hot articles’. Sections within reports include market size, market share and strengths and weaknesses.

(Global Market Navigator)
Different from Mintel Oxygen, GMN provides market data for 22 consumer industries across 54 countries. Search by country and industry or market to produce a customised report.

Reports from Business Source Premier - the Enhanced Business Searching Interface in this EBSCOhost database allows you to browse:


Nexis Company Dossier

The newspaper database Nexis contains a section, Company Dossier, which draws together company information from many sources. To access, in Nexis, select All Search Forms, at the top centre of the screen, then Dossier Find a Company. The Dossier Create Company List and Industry Dossier features may also be useful. For access to training materials including screencasts, see LexisNexis Academy.

ABI Inform
The journals database ABI Inform has a Data & Reports section (link under the main heading).  Use this to search for company profiles and industry and market research.

You may also find market research and company information in articles in the journal databases.  Refer to the list of databases on the Marketing subject page.

Our LIbAnswers FAQ site has several Q&As related to using the market research databases to find particular types of information.

Web resources

Finds industry reports, company profiles and market statistics published by Public Organizations.  This database is only free to academic users and can therefore only be accessed from the Library building.

An introduction to the market research process.  Includes a Research Findings section with highlights from other market research reports.

Recommendations of market research sources from Information Specialist Karen Blakeman.  Includes sources freely available online and lists subscription databases.

A database of reports from many research agencies. This website includes reports which Brunel does not subscribe to but which may potentially be consulted at other libraries such as the British Library Business and IP Centre, the City Business Library and Westminster Reference Library.

If you are searching for reports online using a search engine, remember the following tips:

  • Use the advanced search
  • Try search only within pages ending with e.g. (UK universities) or (UK government websites).
  • Search only within PDF pages - these are more likely to be reports.
  • Be very carful to assess the quality of any report you find on a website
  • For further advice, contact your Subject Liaison Librarian.

Page last updated: Monday 11 November 2013