Moving images

Off air recording

Brunel has an Educational Recording Agency Licence which enables staff to record television programmes for use in non-commercial teaching to students on the University campus. The following are not covered by the ERA Licence:

  • Cable and satellite channels (see below)
  • Film Four
  • Internet transmissions
  • Tapes or videos which have been purchased or hired

Recordings and copies of recordings may be made and stored in both analogue and digital form. All recordings under the Licence must be clearly labelled with the date of the recording, the title of the programme, the name of the broadcaster, and the statement "This recording was done under the terms of the ERA Licence".

There is no licence available for cable and satellite channels, including Sky TV, but recordings may be made for educational purposes under section 35 (1) of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Open University programmes are covered by a separate licence, which involves an annual audit and fees to the OU. Media Services holds both these licences on behalf of the University. Videos may be added to the Library collection for students to borrow or view in the Library.

Copying film, video and DVDs

This is not permitted without the agreement of the copyright owner. Brunel is a member of the British Universities Film and Video Council which may be able to advise with regard to copyright issues.

Page last updated: Tuesday 19 July 2011