Managing your research profile

The results of the 2008 RAE confirmed Brunel University’s status as a research-intensive university, with 82% of Brunel’s research rated as international standing and 10% as world-class. In order to maintain this momentum as we move forwards to REF2014 and beyond all academic staff are encouraged to use BRAD and BURA to manage their research profiles and ensure that their publications are as widely disseminated as possible.

Brunel Research Database (BRAD)

BRAD is the University’s publication database and aims to provide a comprehensive record of all publications for all research staff. Data from BRAD is also being used to produce up-to-date research profiles for academic staff on the University website and will also be used in the submission for the 2014 REF.

Access BRAD (Brunel staff only) 

Brunel University Research Archive (BURA)

BURA provides a showcase for the University’s research publications by making the full-text freely available via the Internet, subject to copyright permissions. Archiving on BURA is not intended to be an alternative to standard publication but is a complementary approach to disseminate Brunel’s research outputs as widely as possible. As of 4 May 2012, BURA provides free access to more than 5,650 full-text publications, including 991 theses.

Why should your publications be in BURA?

  • It provides a permanent showcase for your research;
  • BURA improves the dissemination, visibility and impact of your research publications (studies have shown that OA articles are cited more often than articles that are only available in subscription-based sources);
  • Including your publications in BURA helps to ensure that you comply with the OA mandates of Brunel, the Research Councils and many other research funders.

BURA is now linked to BRAD making it easier for academic staff to add content to it. When items are added to BRAD a copyright check will be carried out and items that can be added to BURA will be flagged; authors can then simply upload the full-text via BRAD.

Access BURA
In addition to institutional repositories like BURA there are also Subject-specific repositories available. 

Open Access at Brunel

Brunel University is committed to making as much of its research output freely available, i.e. Open Access, as possible. In 2009 the Senate approved an Open Access mandate that came into force in January 2010. The mandate states that all Brunel staff are expected to place new research publications in BURA, subject to publishers’ copyright permissions.

In order to help you comply with the OA mandate an Open Access Publishing Fund is available to pay publication fees, enabling you to publish in OA or hybrid journals and to include your publications on BURA.

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Page last updated: Monday 16 September 2013