Research Data Management (RDM)

A new research data management (RDM) policy for the University has been approved by Senate in June 2014. This policy builds on the previous statement for managing research data approved by Senate in November 2011. 

Research data management is good research practice, which the University wishes to promote to all research active staff and students. It is also an area of increased focus for government and funding councils. Research Councils UK (RCUK) views making research data available as a core part of its remit as stated in the RCUK common principles on research data policy

Managing and sharing research data appropriately has significant potential benefits for the University, researchers and society, including the potential to engage the research community at Brunel and beyond, and increase research impact. The University recognises this, and is taking steps to develop infrastructure and procedures to help researchers make the most of research data.  

Additionally, it wishes to ensure that research data management systems and procedures are fully implemented by 1 May 2015, the deadline set by EPSRC, a key funder for the University, for full compliance with its policy framework on research data.  

Research data management policies work in tandem with RCUK and Brunel open access requirements. For additional information see Dissemination and impact (staff only).

The links on the left will take you to various documents and support packages designed to help you manage your research data in the new environment. Library Research Support Services is continuing to develop and refine procedures and systems to support researchers in the new environment.

For information and advice on research data management, or to let us know your needs, please contact:

Page last updated: Monday 17 November 2014