Research Data Management (RDM)

Research data management is good research practice, which the University wishes to promote to all research active staff and students. Managing and sharing research data appropriately has significant potential benefits for the University, researchers and society, including the potential to engage the research community at Brunel and beyond, and increase research impact.

To support this, a new research data management (RDM) policy for the University was approved by Senate in June 2014 which builds on the previous statement for managing research data approved in November 2011. Under the policy, all researchers, whether they are funded or not, are expected to prepare a research data management plan and to manage and publish research data appropriately.

The University will shortly be launching its research data archive, Brunel figshare, to store and publish research data produced by Brunel researchers. All researchers funded by Research Councils UK (RCUK) will be expected to use Brunel figshare to publish research data related to publications arising from RCUK funding. Until it is live, access requests for supporting research datasets which are not openly accessible should be sent to

Funder research data requirements

Research data management is also an area of increased focus for government and funding councils. RCUK views making research data available as a core part of its remit as stated in the RCUK common principles on research data policyAll RCUK-funded publications, should also contain a brief statement describing how and on what terms the supporting research data can be accessed if the data is not published with the publication.

As of 1 May 2015, EPSRC, a key funder for the University, has implemented its policy framework on research data outlining the expectations which research organisations and researchers must meet to remain eligible for funding. 

New procedures for EPSRC-funded research

All publications that acknowledge EPSRC funding are required to make the supporting research data openly accessible, except where data is exempt, eg for commercially sensitive data. Data should be published alongside the publication where possible, or a stable link to the data in a suitable open location should be included in a statement within the publication.

Where data cannot be made open, publications must contain a brief statement describing how and on what terms the supporting research data can be accessed with a central point of contact, which should be

Suggested text is as follows:
The supporting research data and/or metadata can be accessed on the following terms (give details). Details of how to access it can be found at:

As the University is required to manage and log any data access requests from third parties and report to EPSRC on compliance, new procedures are now in place. From now, please send the following information relating to the supporting research data for all EPSRC-funded articles published on or after 1 May 2015 to the Research Data Manager:

  • data type, description and location, eg a URL, physical location
  • data owner or contact
  • data status, eg public or embargoed
  • for data which is not publicly accessible, a description of the terms of access and the exceptions which may apply, eg confidential or sensitive data

Library Research Support Services is continuing to develop and refine procedures and systems to support researchers in the new environment. For information and advice on research data management, to register a dataset, or let us know your needs, please contact us.

The links on the left will take you to various documents and support packages designed to help you manage your research data. See also Dissemination and impact (staff only).

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