Brunel Vision

Research data management is the planning, capture, review, publication, storage, preservation and re-use of data produced by research, irrespective of format.

  1. The University views effective research data management as an essential ingredient of a high quality research culture.
  2. It assumes that all data produced by university researchers will be made available to the wider academic community, except where the right of individual researchers, or the subjects of the research, would be compromised by such release.
  3. The University provides training, support, advice and information to support effective research data management.
  4. Research data management is a shared responsibility. Individual researchers, academic units and central departments work together to develop research data management plans and implement them throughout the research life cycle.
  5. All research proposals include an integral research data management plan.
  6. The University actively supports the collection, storage, retention and cataloguing of all its research data (both raw and published) and promotes its re-use by other researchers where appropriate and with due safeguards.
  7. Research data management policies safeguard the interests of participants in the research, the researchers and the University by facilitating compliance with relevant legislation.
  8. All research data is stored securely and is registered with the University. Data is stored in the data centres of higher educational institutions or in subject-specific data services.
  9. All University policies, including those on Intellectual Property, Good Research Practice and the Procedures for Investigation of Research Misconduct, support good practice in research data management.

The University's Research Data Management Policy was approved by Senate in June 2014. It, and other policies related to research are published in the Research Integrity Code. All policies are also individually listed in General information, documents and policies.

Page last updated: Tuesday 25 August 2015