Securing a sandwich placement

The Placement team here in the Placement and Careers Centre (PCC) works with students on sandwich placement courses where typically either one year (or two separate periods of up to six months) is spent in an organisation undertaking a role that is directly relevant to your degree studies. Here at Brunel we offer a wide range of courses in which placements are an integral part of the course. Please check with your school to find out if the course you enrolled on offers the sandwich option.

The PCC facilitates student placements search in a variety of ways. We have well–established links with a wide range of both public and private sector employers. In addition, each School has long-standing links with employers, as well as its own dedicated placement officer who has a detailed understanding of the specific market sector.

Last year the team placed over 900 students in a wide range of industries, banking firms, government departments and not for profit organisations.

Benefits of a work placement

  • Broadening your knowledge base. Your academic studies can be enriched by the new perspectives, experience and enhanced skills that you will bring from your critical reflection on work experience
  • Improvements in study leading to better degrees. Through greater self- confidence, motivation, time management and through application of what has been taught . There is clear evidence in our own institution that students who take sandwich courses get better degrees than full-time graduates
  • Development of key skills at work. The key skills that employers are looking for are team working, communication, problem solving, IT, motivation, enthusiasm, adaptability, improving own learning and performance. A work placement provides the opportunity for you to develop personal and social skills within a workplace environment. With appropriate guidance, feedback and reflection, you can enhance the high level skills you will need in employment and throughout life
  • Enhanced employability. Through greater understanding of the world of work and improved key skills. Ultimately, one of the main aims of going to university is to acquire the attributes and skills that are desired by employers
  • Greater understanding about career choices and management. More informed career decisions can be taken on the basis of actual exposure to sectors and companies. A work placement will let you ‘try on' a career role without committing yourself permanently, will give you an insight into the operations of a specific employer and give you new ideas about career options
  • Getting a graduate job. A work placement will give you a competitive edge when it comes to applying for graduate jobs and is a great way of building contacts. Employers value those graduates who have knowledge of the way businesses operate and look for those who have had some business experience. Employers consistently refer to the benefits of any formal work experience including sandwich placements, vacation work placements, part-time, voluntary or project based work. They want graduates who have reflected on their experiences and can articulate what they have learned and achieved.
  • Broadening your horizons. Placements do not have to be close to home. You can undertake a placement anywhere in the UK– or even another country! Placements can provide an excellent opportunity to work in another part of the country, to check out a new town or city. If the placement is spent abroad you'll have added an extra dimension to your portfolio with in many cases the opportunity to learn a new language and experience another culture.
  • Earning Money. A work placement may lessen your worries about debt and provide means to have some fun. Many placements can be well paid and many students are able to save money to help them through their academic studies.

What if I have a disability?

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, don't think that you won't be able to secure a placement; there is a huge amount of support available to you. We have students with disabilities at top companies in all of our target industries. The Placement and Careers Centre and the Disability and Dyslexia service work closely together to support you through the whole application process. Your Placement Officer will be happy to arrange a meeting with you and your Disability Advisor to develop a support package tailored to your needs. We want you to secure the best job possible, so don't leave it to the last minute; come and see us today!

Placement opportunities

All the placement vacancies are advertised on Blackboard Learn, once you have completed your placement registration form you will be given access to the site. New placement opportunities are updated regularly so keep checking to see what’s new. If you are having problems accessing the Blackboard Learn site, please contact a member of the Placement team.




Page last updated: Wednesday 13 March 2013