Information for international students

This section gives information for international students to help you improve your chances of finding a job in the UK and around the world. You can also read about and view tips from other international graduates about what has made them successful in finding a job either in the UK or in their home country.

You may find it helpful to use these pages together with the rest of the Placement and Careers Centre (PCC) website.

How do I work in the UK?

See the section on Visa regulations to find out about working during and after your studies

How do I improve my chances?

See the sections on UK graduate recruitment, UK CVs, Improve your chances of UK employment, UK work etiquetteUK equivalence of qualifications, and Tips from successful graduates

How do I find job vacancies? 

See the section on Finding job vacancies in the UK and internationally

Useful resource:

PDF document icon International students (June 2011) (AGCAS Special Interest Series) covers the topics - from the international student's perspective - of working and studying in the UK, and working outside the UK together with some case studies:

  • Working in the UK includes finding a job in the UK, recruitment in the UK, getting work experience, and visas and work permits. Note: Please visit the Visa regulations page for current information on visas and work permits as this resource was written in June 2011
  • Working outside the UK includes applying for non-UK jobs and returning to your home country
  • Studying in the UK includes further study and postgraduate fees and scholarships

Need more help?

The PCC is here to assist you with your job search and your employability while you are a Brunel student and for up to two years after you have graduated.

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