CVs and applications

Applications booklet imageYou have found the job you want, you know you can do it well but how can you make the employer agree that you are a good candidate for the role? This is where CVs and applications come in. Get them right and hopefully you will be invited to interview and be one step closer to your dream job. Don’t take it seriously and a great opportunity could slip through your fingers.

A CV is a professional summary of your skills and experiences. This is your shop window to your future employer. There is no such thing as the perfect CV but there are many pitfalls to avoid. A CV is usually accompanied by a covering letter which provides additional targeted evidence of your suitability for a specific job.

Application forms are now used by many employers to standardise the format in which they receive information from students. The student with the best grades does not always get the job; it is usually the student that can provide a coherent evidenced account of the skills, experience and achievements they have which are relevant to the role.

The Placement and Careers Centre is full of resources to help you prepare for this challenge and experienced professionals are on-hand to guide you through the full process.  



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Page last updated: Friday 31 October 2014