Finding a job

newspaper close upYou have decided now is the time to start your job search but do you know what you want to do and where to start? The first task is to investigate the job market and make sure you understand your options. A great starting point is to come and see us and have a chat about your plans.

What skills do you have to offer the employer?

  • Has your course given you transferable skills that could be applied to another sector?
  • What have you done away from university that will add value in the eyes of employers?

What do you want out of a job?

  • Do you want to enter a role that is directly related to your course?
  • Do you want to work on exciting projects?
  • Is money your main motivation?
  • How high up your list of priorities is work life balance?
  • Do you need to complete additional training or education?  
  • If you are looking for part-time work, how long could you realistically spare away from your course and where could you get to easily?  

How realistic are your expectations?

  • Is your dream job the same as every other student?
  • Do you fulfil the basic requirements of the role?
  • Are you willing to be flexible on location?

It is important that you follow your dreams but you do not want to apply to roles that you will not be considered for. For example, some of the most competitive graduate roles and placement opportunities will have minimum UCAS point stipulations. Most people with satisfying careers end up in jobs they had never considered initially, try to be open minded.

Now you have considered these issues, you should be able to search for roles and investigate specific employers. The Placement and Careers Centre advertise a huge amount of roles and is packed full of resources and expertise to help you on your way. You should also attend some workshops and events to find out more about your sector directly from employers.


Page last updated: Wednesday 12 November 2014