Working internationally

Considering working internationally? Or perhaps you’re an international student who wants to return home or relocate to another country? Whether it’s on a temporary or permanent basis, you should start your research as early as possible. Search for work experience and job opportunities by country, and find resources to help you plan ahead and be safe while you’re away from home.

It will take time to look for a suitable opportunity that matches your requirements so you should start planning at least 9-12 months ahead. Think about:

  • Why you want to work abroad
  • What you want to achieve, and
  • Where you want to go
  • Are you looking for vacation work, gap year or a permanent opportunity?
  • What do you plan to do when you return?
  • Do you want to work in a particular job sector?
  • Are you happy to organise everything yourself or would you prefer to participate in a planned programme?

It's your responsibility to investigate thoroughly the opportunities and programmes offered by organisations and, if these are not taken care of by your employer or included as part of the package, it would be sensible to check:

  • Visas and work permits
  • Costs and terms
  • Transferability of your qualifications
  • Health/insurance issues
  • Tax/pension information
  • Accommodation

before you make a final decision. You could also search on online forums etc to find out about organisations, and could obtain feedback directly from past participants if you are considering voluntary work or exchange programmes..

Some general resources are given below but, if you would like to locate information and links to help you find work in a specific country, you could look at the country profiles in the left-hand navigation menu of this section. 

You are welcome to talk your options though with a Careers Consultant once you have done some initial research. It's a big step to take and you need to be sure that you have looked into it thoroughly and are aware of the possible difficulties you may face. 

Comparability of qualifications

  • (European Network of Information Centres/National Academic Recognition Information Centres) provides information on the recognition of foreign diplomas, degrees and other qualifications - primarily European - to promote the mobility of individuals between member States.

International job/careers resources 

  • Global-Workplace World wide careers help, international jobs, internships and leadership programs, international peer-to-peer networking, and recruitment trends
  • Going Global gives job openings, internship listing, industry profiles and career and employment information for a range of countries
  • International JobOnline Search by country to find international opportunities
  • JobMob global directory of Twitter job feeds
  • PCC profiles Use the links on the left hand navigation menu to find resources for specific countries  
  • Prospects Working abroad and country profiles
  • TARGETjobs (in partnership with AGCAS) Country guides to working abroad 

Country research

  • BBC General country information from the BBC
  • Embassy world Links to international embassies
  • GlobalEDGE Web-portal with information and learning resources on global business activities. The site includes: Global Resources - more than 5,000 online resources; Country Insights - information on countries; Knowledge Room - latest issues in international business
  • UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Responsible for promoting British interests overseas and supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe, the website includes travel advice by country
  • United World Economic reports on various countries, regions and sectors worldwide
  • WCN World Chambers Network Links to international chambers of commerce
  • World Folio publish world supplements and economic reports showing recent global trends 

Trade directories

  • Brunel Library gives access to databases such as BankScope, FAME, and Bloomberg
  • CorporateInformation Global corporate information on companies in over 55 countries. The Research Links on the Tools menu gives other web resources
  • FT Global 500 Annual survey of top-performing companies around the world, including specific sections for different regions (Europe, USA, Japan, Asia-Pacific) and within these companies listed by sector
  • Hoovers Business information on international companies
  • Kompass Company, business and product directory; search by country, region, or product category  
  • Superpages Links to national and global yellow pages directories  


Brunel Placement and Careers Centre makes every effort to ensure that the information given on these pages is accurate, but can take no responsibility for the content of external websites. In your own interests, you should clarify all details relating to these opportunities. Their inclusion should not be taken as a recommendation. Some of the organisations listed may charge you for their services. In this case we recommend that you clarify the details before making a decision about the potential value to you but, if you would like to discuss your involvement, please contact your Careers Consultant.

Page last updated: Thursday 12 February 2015