Researching your options

Is postgraduate study right for you?

The information given here should help you to work out the benefits and disadvantages of taking a postgraduate course.  It's important that you take some time to consider all the facts so that you can use your judgement to make the right decision.

With thanks to CareerPlayer, Graduate Jobs and Career Advice on video.

Why you might be considering a postgraduate course:

  • A postgraduate qualification may be essential for your chosen career, eg clinical psychologist or solicitor
  • You feel that it will increase your subject knowledge, or give you specialist skills or knowledge
  • One of your lecturers or parents has recommended it
  • You think that it will improve your job prospects or that it may be difficult to find a job in the current economic climate
  • You feel that you would enjoy the challenge of further study
  • You feel that you'll lose your incentive or ability to study if you don't do it immediately
  • You just don't know what else to do now you've finished your undergraduate course

The Prospects and TARGETpostgrad websites are useful resources.

Choosing a course

Approximately 20% of Brunel students decide to study at postgraduate level. Find out what recent postgraduates have gone on to do six months after completing their studies; you can see information for individual Schools by clicking into the links on the left hand menu. (Note that the University moved to a College structure in 2014.)

Research courses that suit your needs:

  • Prepare a list of institutions that offer the course
  • Visit websites to find information on courses which interest you, or contact them to request course brochures or a prospectus
  • Check the course content and objectives thoroughly to make sure that it meets your needs
  • Attend open days - a chance to talk to academics and current students and postgraduate fairs
  • Find out about fees - whether funding or scholarships are available
  • Check whether the course includes practical work experience
  • Also get advice from your lecturers
  • Check online forums 
  • Discuss your findings with a PCC careers consultant

Useful links:

Course rankings and league tables

Assessing the reputation of the course, quality of teaching, etc should also help you to reach a decision on which institution to choose.

Graduate employability

How do employers view the course? On completion of the course are graduates successful in finding a job?  


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