Interviews, testing and assessment centres

interviewIf you have been invited to an interview or assessment centre, you have already impressed the employer. They consider you to be a credible candidate and on paper you have the skills required to work in the role, now is your chance to prove it!

You will be being assessed based on your ability to work successfully in the role you have applied for. You should refer back to the job description and your initial application to see how the skills required match your abilities. You also need to research the employer to ensure you can demonstrate both A-Level of interest and understanding in what they do.

An interview is a great way to build on the good impression you have made on paper and explain why you are the best person for the job. The company will be interested in you and will want to find out more about your qualifications, skills and personality. Although you can’t predict everything you will be asked; there are a lot of questions you can prepare for and will be expected to have thought about. If you do not understand what the employer does or can’t explain why you are interested in the opportunity, you are unlikely to impress them.

At an assessment centre you will be assessed individually and as a team. Assessing candidates across a broad range of criteria should make the selection process fairer and give you lots of opportunities to demonstrate your skills. Knowing what to expect and taking part in group exercises can really help you perform at your best and create a positive impression with employers.

The Placement and Careers Centre is full of resources to help you prepare for this challenge and experienced professionals are on-hand to guide you through the full process.


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Strengths-based interviews

You may find the information from TARGETjobs on strengths-based interviews useful.

Also, it may be helpful to identify your strengths by asking yourself the following:

What are you good at?
What comes easily to you?
What do you learn quickly?
What did you find easiest to learn at school or university?
What subjects do you most enjoy studying?
What things give you energy?
Describe a successful day you have had.
When did you achieve something you were really proud of? Follow up, how did your natural strengths help you achieve this success?
What things are always left on your to-do list and not finished (these are probably weaknesses: things you dislike doing!)?

Page last updated: Monday 06 October 2014