Written exercises and psychometric tests

These are typically presented as an individual activity with reading time included at the start. They may also include psychometric, numerical, logical reasoning or technical tests.

Written exercises

These test skills such as your ability to absorb copious and complex information, judgement, political awareness, prioritising, decision making and business communication. A good deal of attention will also be paid to the quality of your spelling and grammar in what you produce. Examples include:

  • Drafting letters and reports eg answering a complaint from a member of your team or producing a summary from given data for a board meeting
  • Writing a business case eg for a new system or setting up a branch office

Psychometric tests

Fewer employers now use tests at this stage. They tend to be used as the first stage in the application process or after you've submitted your application but before the assessment centre. If you do encounter them at the assessment centre stage they may even be the same style of test you did beforehand in the recruitment process. Tackle them with the same professional attitude you adopted the first time.

The resources in the Psychometric Tests section, including practice tests, will help you to prepare for this.


Page last updated: Monday 29 September 2014