Sources for practice tests

Brunel/Kenexa practice verbal & numerical psychometric tests

Before clicking on the link below to access the tests, please ensure you:

  • Disable pop up blockers before you start the test (this could include Google, anti-virus software, Internet Explorer, etc) by selecting the 'Always allow pop ups for this website' option. If you are still experiencing problems click on help on the test page
  • You will need to register the first time you visit. After registering, the system will send you an activation email. Remember to check in your Spam / Junk folder if it does not appear in your Inbox after 10 minutes
  • Make sure that you have a calculator (and pen and paper, if you think that you will need these) to hand as you may be logged out of the test if you leave your computer inactive for too long a time
  • Both tests will have a time limit and will 'time out' as soon as the limit has been reached. Make sure that you've given yourself enough time without interruptions. Once tests are started they cannot be paused
  • You will receive a report detailing your results after you have completed + submitted BOTH tests provided you do them consecutively during the same session without a time break. Check your Junk/Spam folder if it is not in your Inbox after 10 minutes
  • Please contact your Careers Consultant if you would like to discuss the results in more detail or if anything appears unclear
  • If you experience any technical difficulties first consult the help menu, and then email or call 0208 585 2344. Note that Technical Support is available 24/7

Take the Practice Verbal and Numerical Tests from Kenexa

Brunel/Graduates First practice verbal & numerical psychometric tests

You will need to register to take these tests which are free to Brunel students and graduates. They reflect the level of difficulty you are likely to encounter when applying for graduate or professional opportunities but the tests you take in the 'real world' are likely to be longer:

  • Numerical reasoning (NRT)
  • Verbal reasoning (VRT)
  • Logical reasoning (LRT)
  • Work personality questionnaire (WPQ)
  • Question identifier tool (QIT) This identifies (based on your personality) the kind of questions that you might be asked at interview

Once you have completed each test, you will receive detailed feedback on your performance and can also download Q&A giving worked solutions to each question.

The tests are timed, for example the first numerical test gives you 15 minutes to work through 20 questions, so give yourself enough time without any interruptions. You can use a calculator/pen and paper so make sure that you have these ready before you start the tests. 

Take the Graduates First practice tests: When the page loads click on the Register link at the top right-hand side of the page.

Other practice test resources

  • AssessmentDay Set up by mechanical engineering students the site gives practice tests in numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning, and includes a discussion forum
  • Careers in Aerospace Three tests to measure your fit for graduate roles in aerospace: Calculation, logical reasoning and a work style questionnaire
  • Criterion practice verbal and numerical test questions (Choose 'Advice for applicants'.)
  • Cubiks online assessment information with verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning practice tests
  • JobTestPrep Test practice hub: numerical, verbal, and inductive reasoning tests, and other tests in PDF format (with answers)
  • Kogan Page Team Focus verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests with feedback
  • KSL Training Provides help and tips for the SHL questionnaire and different types of SHL psychometric tests. It is designed to help candidates prepare both physically and mentally before any SHL assessment
  • Mark Parkinson lists practice psychometric tests and university admissions tests links
  • Morrisby Profile practice tests. The Profile aims to help people to discover their particular strengths and to see how these compare with their other abilities
  • Three timed practice verbal reasoning tests: 18 questions in 18 minutes, and three timed practice numerical reasoning tests: 18 questions in 24 minutes
  • Numeracy Game sponsored by J.P. Morgan Timed numeracy tests for graduate job applicants with charts, graphs and data interpretation questions from the Top Employers website
  • Pearson TalentLens trial practice numerical reasoning tests (with free feedback) consisting of 36 questions to complete in around 45 minutes
  • Practice Aptitude Tests numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning tests with the option to check your answers. Brief video tutorials cover percentage increase and decrease, ratios, speed distance and time calculations, and currency conversion
  • Saville Consulting Preparation guides and advice that include practice examples with answers
  • SHL Direct gives practice tests in different languages, including:
    Verbal Reasoning
    Numerical Reasoning
    Inductive Reasoning
  • TARGETjobs guide to psychometric tests
  • VerbalReasoningTest Three verbal reasoning tests: 18 questions in 18 minutes
  • WikiJob gives information on aptitude (psychometric) tests. They also offer free verbal, numerical and diagrammatic reasoning practice tests. You will need to register to take the tests

Critical thinking

  • ACT CAAP test (US) website includes sample questions
  • AssessmentDay gives an overview of the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking test, test advice, and a practice test with solutions
  • Hogan Lovells (legal practice) Graduate careers practice interactive or PDF version of a practice critical reasoning test
  • Pearson TalentLens trial practice test (with free feedback) assessing critical thinking consisting of 84 questions to complete in 95 minutes.
  • Pearson Vue PDF document icon Practice Test Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal - UK edition
  • The Critical Thinking Community gives information, research and studies about critical thinking and may be a useful additional reference; it includes a section for University students on the 'Begin Here' menu
  • Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking test measures critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills; the Job Test Prep website gives sample questions and practice resources

Lateral/creative thinking

  • Institute of Advertising (IPA) online diagonal thinking self assessment (registration required) is intended as a career guidance tool to inform on whether you are a 'diagonal thinker'. Preliminary research has shown that diagonal thinkers are more likely to succeed in an advertising and communications careers

Situational judgement tests (SJTs)

These present you with a realistic hypothetical work scenario which you need to assess and then provide an appropriate response.

  • AssessmentDay gives an example practice test (with a review of each possible response at the end of each question). The site explains what SJTs are, how they work and what to expect in a test
  • European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) Sample SJT test
  • JobTestPrep Two practice texts
  • Mark Parkinson lists other sites with practice tests
  • SHL test in the style of an online interview and one example question
  • WikiJob Information on the SJT with three example questions and answers, and an indication of some of the companies who have used the test
  • Wikipedia entry on SJTs, with brief example [Be aware that articles are written by external contributors and you should check that information is correct.]

Situational strengths tests (SSTs)

SSTs are designed to assess the core strengths that are needed to work in a placement or graduate role with a particular recruiter. The test presents a series of scenarios that you are likely to encounter on a regular basis and looks at how you would respond to these, asking you to select from a list of multiple options.

  • Capp Sample assessment (although targeted at recruiters)
  • EY Information about the strengths process that they use during recruitment
  • Nestlé Test demo
  • TfLBasic information about the purpose of the test and how to approach it

Personality tests

  • 9types Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) sample test requires you to answer 38 questions which are then scored. Find out whether you are a helper or an enthusiast
  • BBC Full personality test based on the five-factor model, a system of classifying personality traits [Archived page]
  • Humanmetrics Jung Typology Based on Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs typological approach to personality
  • Keirsey Provides links to more general information about type-based personality theory including the Keirsey Temperament Sorter: A test providing a limited amount of free information about your personality type (you will have to pay for a full report)
  • Morrisby An insight into the Morrisby personality profile test and includes sample questions
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Describes each of the Myers Briggs preferences which can be used to help sort people into types. Links to Team Technology site where you can take a practice MMDI™ test

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