Specialist tests


  • Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) Diagonal thinking Self-assessment tests the hypothesis that the most successful individuals working in the advertising and communication industries are both Linear and Lateral Thinkers – they think ‘diagonally’
  • IPA AdMISSION AdSchool for penultimate year students gives you the opportunity to gain work experience in London agencies. AdAcademy: Spend eight weeks in a UK agency if you're a final year student or graduate


  • IT knowledge tests developed by Brainbench (an SHL company) assess proficiency for a variety of software solutions, programming languages and general IT skills

Information Processing Aptitude Test On-line (IPATO)

This test was developed by IBM to test logical reasoning and the ability to process information quickly. Just a word of caution! Be aware that the format of tests changes all the time.

Pilot selection tests

  • Careers in Aerospace Pilot Test Three assessments to measure your fit for the role of pilot: Logical reasoning, spatial orientation and a work style questionnaire

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