Specialist tests



  • IT knowledge tests developed by Brainbench (an SHL company) assess proficiency for a variety of software solutions, programming languages and general IT skills

Information Processing Aptitude Test On-line (IPATO)

This test was developed by IBM to test logical reasoning and the ability to process information quickly. Just a word of caution!  Be aware that the format of tests changes all the time.


  • eFinancialCareers offer three numerical tests, each with 24 questions, that are similar to those used by major investment banks. You have the option to take the tests as timed or untimed, and you will receive instant feedback on your results. (Please note, registration required)

Pilot selection tests

Police selection system

  • How to pass the New Police Selection System, Harry Tolley, Billy Hodge, and Catherine Tolley, 2nd (2005) edition, Kogan Page, is held in the Placement & Careers Centre Reference Library. It contains tip and insights, practice tests, and answers and explanations

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