Postgraduate students

More graduates are continuing their studies beyond their degree than ever before. There are many reasons why you may have decided to take a Masters or Phd including academic challenge and intellectual curiosity but for many students the motivation is about improving their job prospects, allowing for a change in career direction or waiting for the job market to improve. We understand that a postgraduate qualification represents a considerable investment in your future and that you will want to make the most of your experience as postgraduate student.

The Placement and Careers Centre isn’t just a resource for undergraduates and recent graduates - we provide information, advice and events for postgraduates too. Whilst much of our website is as relevant to you as our undergraduate students, as a postgraduate, you may also have more specialist career needs. With this in mind, this section has been specially designed for you.

The majority of postgraduates enter employment at the end of their studies – 87% in 2010 – with a smaller number continuing their studies further. These pages have been designed with this in mind to help you focus on your career planning and devise a strategy for your job hunting. You’ll also find the resources in our Finding a Job and Make Yourself Employable sections relevant to your needs.

Download our Postgraduate Job hunting pack for tips on marketing your qualification, developing employability skills and vacancy sources. 

To compliment these resources a range of other services are also available for postgraduate students:

Employability workshops

It’s important that you begin to start your employment search at an early stage of your postgraduate course (particularly if you are on a full-time Masters course) as the year will go quickly and vacancies are advertised early. A range of employability workshops are delivered in partnership with the Graduate School throughout the year on topics such as CV writing, assessment centres, personality tests and more for Masters and Research students.

Employers are here for postgraduates too

Although many graduate recruiters don’t specify postgraduate qualifications as part of their entry requirements in addition to specialist academic knowledge you’ll be developing highly sought after skills such as project management, research and problem solving. From the second week in October onwards, employers will be delivering a range of presentations on all aspects of graduate job hunting as well as inside information on what it takes to work in their sector.

Individual careers advice

The Placement and Careers Centre has a team of Careers Consultants who work with students at all levels of their course at Brunel. We have strong links with different industries and professions and because we work with particular caseloads, we are best placed to ensure you receive the information, advice and guidance that meets your individual needs. Careers Consultants are all accredited with a professional qualification and are constantly researching and updating their areas of expertise.

To arrange an appointment simply contact your Careers Consultant direct or email stating your course and the help you need and the relevant Careers Consultant will reply.


Page last updated: Friday 20 June 2014