eVision is a user-friendly web interface powered by data from the SITS Student records system. It is used by both students and staff across the University, and is supported and developed by SITS Data Management.

eVision was first introduced at Brunel University in 2003, and allows students to access information and complete tasks essential to their studies.

For staff, it allows streamlined processes and provides relevant information more efficiently and effectively, allowing colleagues to better carry out their duties. An example of this is the Student Record Amendment Facility, which was always a paper form until an eVision facility was introduced.

Students use eVision all the way from their first application to their receiving their final transcript. A typical student’s eVision ‘journey’ might be as follows:

  • My Applications becomes available (once a student has been made an offer)
  • Fee Status Questionnaire
  • Scholarship application
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) payment
  • Registration (including access to their network ID, and uploading an ID photo)
  • Update personal details
  • Update next of kin
  • Module selection
  • Parking permit application
  • Application for 'University Hardship Fund'
  • Publication of module results – year 1
  • Enrolment at the start of next academic year
  • Publication of module results – year 2
  • Application for placement (if applicable)
  • Enrolment at the start of next academic year
  • Publication of module results – year 3
  • Graduation attendance confirmation (including paying for tickets)
  • Publication of final transcript and award

All enrolled students have access to eVision and can access this both within the University and externally.

A guide to navigating eVision can be found here.

Page last updated: Friday 05 May 2017