Staff Walking Challenge

The aim: To promote physical activity for those who don't often partake in any regular activity, by walking over a set distance. All levels of fitness are welcome. Previously run by Well@Brunel, this year it will be hosted by Brunel University Sport.

The set distance is over the route of Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV in the USA (269.3 miles) with your progress being tracked which will be logged on a map.

You can start counting your first steps from the 1st November and we will continue to track everyone until all those registered have completed the distance. A map and the progress of all will be available to view at the Sports Centre.

Every Friday will be the deadline for the week where you will need to email in your distance / steps for that week. We can figure out the distance for you, if you have only the amount of steps completed. (Please be advised that this will be an approximate average, there is a guide on the board located at the Sports Centre.) You can of course send in regular updates as you go along.

A daily screen shot of your app or a photo of the amount of steps will be required as evidence of your achievements, so it will be fine to send daily updates if you prefer.

You can use your own pedometer if you own one, or an app on your phone. If you need further advice, then please ask at time of registering your interest so that we can help and guide you to what might work best for you. You can complete this at anytime and anywhere, such as a treadmill or by walking part of the way to work. Why not take into account, every step that you take over the course of the whole day?

The challenge can be completed as a team of 2, or as an individual. If you are registering as a team of 2, then please give yourself a team name. You can of course work together for company as individuals if you prefer and teams can also "buddy up".

For all those interested, please register yourself / team to: Wayne via email: - Wayne Neil Smith (Sports Centre) as soon as possible.

We start on the 1st November 2016, but there is no closing date for starting the challenge.

We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible soon!

Page last updated: Monday 17 October 2016