Main aims

The principal aim of MOL CANCER MED is to exploit fully the results of recent fundamental advances in understanding the role of telomerase and telomere maintenance mechanisms in human cancer development, in order to achieve genuine clinical benefit (ie in developing both improved diagnostics and anti-cancer therapies). The principal measurable objectives of the project, over the complete 48 month period, are:

  1. to validate further the potential of telomerase and telomere maintenance systems in cancer therapy and diagnosis,
  2. to identify novel molecular targets based on telomere structure, function & stability, that may be of value in treatment and diagnosis of the common human cancers,
  3. to create a programme of novel small molecule drug development based initially on recently identified (but thus far poorly exploited) targets and, later (from month 12 onwards) exploiting completely new targets identified during the project.

Page last updated: Friday 15 July 2011