Centre for Citizen Participation (CCP)

The Centre for Citizen Participation is an initiative which undertakes research and provides education, training and consultancy in the field of user involvement and public participation. This includes work in key areas of current government policy:

  • health and social care
  • social exclusion
  • community involvement and regeneration
  • political participation and representation
  • the democratisation of public policy, agencies and services
  • user involvement in research and evaluation

The Centre has a particular commitment to user-led and emancipatory approaches to research and to the involvement of service users and the subjects of social and public policy in research and policy development. In its work it pays particular attention to the perspectives of service users. It has close links with citizens’ and service users’ organisations and established its own diverse service user advisory group.

Please look in our reports section to view and download our reports.

Page last updated: Monday 11 March 2013